This portable ultrasonic cleaner removes up to 99.99% of bacteria

You’ve been diligent about washing your hands these days, but what about the other things you touch on a daily basis? From the jewelry you wear to the produce you eat, there are plenty of things you interact with on the day-to-day that really deserve a thorough scrubbing, but who has the patience to manually clean all these things?

For those of us who want to be clean but save our hands from endless scrubbing, we turn to a heavy-duty portable cleaner like the Sonic Dot (now on sale for $119.99). This ultrasonic cleaner is effective at killing a variety of potentially harmful bacteria, germs, and other organisms, all without the need for a strong, chemical cleaner.

The portable device delivers 50,000 vibrations per second, creating microscopic waves that displace nearly 99.99% of bacteria off of the surface of a variety of delicate and non-delicate items, including laundry, toys, jewelry, and fresh produce. Simply put the Sonic Dot into any container of water (your sink, a bucket, a bowl — you name it), power it up, and let the device do all the cleaning, no elbow grease necessary.

Plus unlike harsh scrubbing, the Sonic Dot will keep the integrity of your items intact so you don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging your rings or bruising your veggies mid-clean.

This gentler, more effective approach to deep cleaning is an absolute game-changer for anyone’s cleaning routine. Plus, for those washing their more delicate clothing, the Sonic Dot uses 40 times less water than a traditional machine, making it a greener choice, too.

Currently, the Sonic Dot Ultrasonic Cleaner is on sale for $119.99 — a savings of 28% off its normal retail price.

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