Tickle Me Elmo toy pictured without his fur enough to give kids nightmares

A group of students removed the fur from a Tickle Me Elmo toy and it’s giving people nightmares.

The toy, dubbed ‘Hellmo”, had its outer layers removed by students at the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

The group ‘tinkered’ with the toy's electronics – and it made it all the more terrifying.

An image was shared on Reddit yesterday, and it quickly caused a stir.

One user sarcastically said: “That’s not gonna give a kid nightmares.”

To which another user added: “You’re right, it's gonna give me nightmares."

“That is terrifying. Can you imagine that coming after you laughing carrying its red pelt? Seriously. Not. Sleeping. Tonight.” said a third.

“I’m getting one and I’m gonna make it a latex flesh body. This is my mission,” one person commented.

It isn’t the first time something truly strange has been found on Reddit, as last month a user shared his Google Maps find after he spotted an “enormous” rubber duck floating in a lagoon.

The discovery was uploaded by Reddit user 'u/_Nefasto' and has left several users confused as to why it is located on the shore of the artificial Lake of the Family Park in the middle of Santiago – the capital of Chile.

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Another Reddit user shared an image of a coconut balloon display blunder that they couldn’t stop chuckling over.

The dad went to the gymnasium to support his child’s hobby but was in for a bit of a surprise when some innocent decorative balloons that were supposed to be a bunch of coconuts looked naughtier than intended.

Instead of looking like an exotic fruit, the brown coloured balloons strike up a rather uncanny resemblance to boobs.

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