Too Much Togetherness? Avenue Beat Bandmates Test Their Bonds by Quarantining Under One Roof

Three bandmates, one global pandemic, and one plan to ride it all out by living together 24/7: What could possibly go wrong?

If you’re Sam Backoff, Sami Bearden and Savana Santos — also known as the irreverent and irrepressible trio, Avenue Beat — well, there is the little matter of what should go down in history as “The Strawberry Incident.”

Santos, 22, solemnly brings it to light when she shares the most important lesson she’s learned from the trio’s cohabitation: “Don’t steal their food from the fridge.”

The declaration instantly sets off Backoff and Bearden, who double over in convulsions of laughter, and Santos quickly follows suit.

“Yeah, I was going to make chocolate-covered strawberries,” explains Backoff, 21, in between gulps of air, “and then there were no strawberries to make.”

No doubt Santos is guilty as charged — and yet all three now guffawing about it should be evidence enough that, for these longtime harmonizers, there really is no such thing as too much togetherness.

Their best idea, perhaps, was applying their celestial harmonies to the home-recording of what is now a digital EP, Quarantine Covers, due out April 24.

“Wash your hands while you listen to these covers!” Santos instructs on the recorded spoken intro to the EP’s six eclectic selections, which include John Mayer’s “New Light,” India.Arie’s “Video” and Bill Withers’ “Just the Two of Us” (recorded before Withers’ recent death).

Santos takes full credit for picking the latter title. “One of my fave songs ever,” she explains.

Um … Isn’t it a little odd for three people to sing “Just the Two of Us”? Should Backoff or Bearden read anything into it? Is this perhaps a hint that one of them needs to … go?

No doubt none of this has dawned on the threesome, and they burst into peals of laughter at the very thought.

“It was fun while it lasted!” Backoff exclaims.

“Put that in the article: Avenue Beat breaks up!” Bearden drolly suggests.

Rest assured, quarantined or not, that’s not gonna happen with this tight-knit trio.

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