Uber App Now Offers COVID-19 Vaccination Bookings at Walgreens

Uber users in the United States can now book a schedule and a ride for their COVID-19 vaccinations at Walgreens.

Customers of the ride-hailing service can simply open up the Uber app and input their zip code to check for availability and eligibility. Upon choosing the specific Walgreens branch, users can check which vaccine is available and schedule the date and time of their first and second doses, then reserve an Uber ride to and from their appointment.

“We know that if reserving an appointment and a ride to get there is a seamless experience, more people will get vaccinated,” Uber said in its Go Get Event video.

In addition to Uber and Walgreen’s partnership, Uber has committed to providing 10 million free or discounted rides to help underserved and communities of color to receive the vaccine, as the service believes that transportation should not be a problem to get vaccinations. The two companies have also launched the Vaccine Access Fund with Walgreens, PayPal and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation for customers to donate free rides in the Uber app on top of an $11 million USD contribution from Uber, PayPal and Walgreens.

In related news, White Castle is one of the newest food joints to offer free food to customers who have received their COVID-19 vaccinations.
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