Whitney Port Says She and Husband Tim Rosenman Are Divided on a Second Child After Miscarriage

Port and Rosenman revealed the sad news during a July episode of her podcast With Whit and appeared together in an episode of The Hills: New Beginnings, where they talked about the experience more.

“This is definitely one of the more difficult things I’ve ever gone through,” Port said in a confessional. “The thought of the death of something that you haven’t met yet … it feels silly, but it’s not, because it’s you. It’s a part of the love you have with your husband and it’s just heartbreaking.”

“I still just have so much stress about the second child because I know that you really want more children, and I don’t know that I do,” she continued. “I feel like I would be disappointing you if we didn’t.”

“If it never is the right time, it won’t happen. And if it becomes the right time or our feelings change, we can keep having this conversation as we go. Seriously,” Rosenman told her.

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