Wiped hard drives, COVID scares and more as the Ben Roberts-Smith defamation trial continues

Ben Roberts-Smith’s defamation action against The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Canberra Times and three journalists is nearing the end of its third week.

Mr Roberts-Smith, who was accused of being involved in a number of unlawful killings, bullying SAS soldiers, attempting to cover up his crimes and hitting a woman he had an affair with, denies all wrongdoing.

Last week Mr Roberts-Smith faced questioning from his own lawyer where he was painted as the victim of a smear campaign by jealous comrades and the media and as being a good, heroic soldier.

This week, under cross-examination from the media organisation’s barrister, Mr Roberts-Smith denied wiping a laptop was intended to destroy evidence and the intention behind giving information about one of his enemies to a private investigator that resulted in their home being raided by police was to “expose their character” rather than to intimidate them.

Legal affairs reporter Michaela Whitbourn has been covering the trial and she joins Nathanael Cooper on Please Explain to bring us up to date on what’s been happening.

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