Woman cruelly called ‘pretty for a big girl’ proudly tells trolls she’s perfect

A defiant TikTok user has told trolls she is "perfect" after receiving comments that she has a "pretty face for a big girl".

Taking aim at the back-handed compliments, user @elladonnelly_xo said: "I beg people stop telling me I have a pretty face for a fat girl.

"What the hell is that even meant to mean?"

Ella uploaded it four days ago, June 5, with the caption: "Sorry but if you think that’s a compliment you’re wrong."

In another clip, she uses a sound from Keeping Up With The Kardashians to say she is "perfect".

She mimes the Scott Disick quote, which says: "You know, I've realised that I'm probably just perfect and it's everybody else around me that's got issues."

In another video, she responds to a user who wrote: "You might want those comments saying about how pretty you are.

"But they aren't helping you seriously, they should be worried about your health."

Ella fires back: "What the living f*** does my health have to do with how pretty I am? I'm pretty. If I lost weight I'd still be pretty.

"If I gained weight I'd still be pretty. My health has nothing to do with how pretty I am."

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Ella has more than 11 million "likes" on the app and many women have commented to give their support and tell her she is "beautiful".

"Girl I love you so much," gushed one.

A second person wrote: "I hate that – when people say you have got such a pretty face."

"I love that you said something about their personality not their body," said a third fan.

Someone else commented: "What's some people's problem I think ur super pretty."

This comes after a model apologised after a "body positive" video of her squeezing "belly fat" was slammed by critics.

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