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WWE stars often push themselves to the limit in the ring – and do the same to dramatically transform their bodies.

Wrestlers have been known to completely change the way they look to accommodate the character they perform.

WWE stars are renowned for their impeccable physiques, but it takes hours of dedication and commitment in and out of the gym and training centre to reach that level.

Here SunSport takes a look at some of the WWE's greatest body transformations.


When Lesnar left the WWE and eventually embarked on a UFC career in 2008, he had to reach the promotion's heavyweight limit of 265lb.

The American toned up on the way to becoming UFC champion, but when he returned to the WWE in 2012 he appeared to have bulked up once more.

He soon shredded his body again when he made a brief return to the cage in 2016, but this year took criticism online after looking overweight in the ring.


The 'Rated R Superstar' made a stunning WWE comeback this year at the Royal Rumble – ten years after he announced his wrestling retirement.

But as the 46-year-old made his return he did so in the shape of his career, completely ripped, and revealed it was all down to an improved diet.

Edge wrote on Instagram: "You can’t out train a bad diet. For years I tried to do just that to no avail. So I went online, set up my meal plan, stuck to it religiously, and started to put in the work. I feel I got into the best shape of my life for it."


For the most part of his career, Mysterio was known as a tiny, skinny high-flyer, flipping and spinning his way around the ring.

But it was his comeback to Vince McMahon's promotion in 2018 that shocked fans the most.

The biggest change came in his physique, with toned abs, a ripped body and bulking arms.


When Rollins first made a name for himself on the independent scene under the name 'Tyler Black' he did so as a skinny yet technical wrestler.

But as he burst onto the the WWE scene with The Shield in 2012, the development in his body was starting to show as he appeared heavier in his upper body.

Rollins has gone on to become one of the promotion's biggest stars recently becoming more ripped as he broke out as a singles competitor.


At 6ft 5in McIntyre has always been an imposing figure.

But after he was released from the WWE in 2014 only to return three years later, he did so in monstrous shape, evidently more ripped this time around.

McIntyre credits the success during his second stint with the WWE on taking his career more seriously.



Wyatt debuted in the WWE as Husky Harris – a chubby and forgettable member of The Nexus.

But after transforming into Wyatt the American turned his fat into muscle as he filled out.

He is not a typical ripped WWE star, but instead imposes himself as a bulky bully in the ring.

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