Below Deck season 9: Captain Lee teases ‘unusual’ crew ‘It was challenging’

Below Deck: Captain Lee says he would not have Danny back

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Bravo’s reality series Below Deck follows a group of young employees working onboard a multi-million charter boat as it sails across the world. Ahead of upcoming season nine, Captain Lee teased hints about what’s to come.

When it comes to Below Deck, the reality show seems to have a common theme of on-screen drama, forbidden romances and nonstop partying.

Despite this, the onboard crew are still able to provide affluent guests with showstopping experiences.

Becoming an instant hit after premiering in 2013, it seemed that viewers couldn’t get enough and wanted to know more about what goes on behind the scenes of the successful yacht charter industry.

Fans loved it so much that Bravo created multiple spinoff series: Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

Captain Lee Rosbach is in charge of the crew on Below Deck.

His no-nonsense attitude and memorable one-liners are the reason why he became a fan favourite.

In each series, viewers look forward to seeing how Captain Lee will react and deal with drama from his employees.

Fans of the show have seen how the Captain had to warn the crew about behaving, ensuring each crew member understands his most important rule: ‘Don’t embarrass yourself and don’t embarrass the boat.’

In a recent conversation with Bravo, Captain Lee gave fans a hint about what to expect from the long-awaited season nine.

With an admission that “it was challenging“, it’s safe to assume that fans can be sure to expect some drama, as there is a minuscule amount of things that Captain Lee finds challenging.

He added: “But yeah, we had some unusual guests this year, which I thought was rather unique.”

“Had some unusual crew as well, which probably wasn’t so unique so great combination of both,” he said.

This wouldn’t be the first time Captain Lee has had to deal with unusual guests.

In the last season, a guest called Delores disobeyed rules during a Great Gatsby-themed dinner.

Delores was drunk and, much to everyone’s surprise, she decided to jump into the Caribbean Sea in the pitch darkness.

Viewers watched as Captain Lee became furious and threatened to end the whole charter early.

Onboard the Below Deck yacht excessive drunkenness and laziness aren’t tolerated, so fans will be intrigued to see what happens in season nine.

With “unusual guest and unusual crew” in his responsibility, Captain Lee and his crew are bound to be very entertaining.

Bravo is yet to announce a release date for season nine of Below Deck.

All seasons of Below Deck is available to stream on Bravo

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