Ben Shephard unveils horror injury on GMB that sees him now wearing a leg brace

Susanna Reid opened Good Morning Britain discussing Ben Shephard's "nasty" leg injury that saw him sever all of the nerves in his leg.

Piers Morgan's former on-screen wife Susanna, 50, said: "I wish I'd taken photograph of Ben who came into the dressing room with quite a get up on his leg this morning."

This prompted Ben to unveil that he'd actually sustained a painful football injury and now needs to wear a brace to support his leg.

Ben said: "A few weeks ago you may remember I played in the veterans cup – my old boys league."

He went on to add: "Well I ruptured my ACL and fractured part of my leg again."

The TV star joked: "I started off with two legs and ended up with one leg."

Dr Hilary chimed: "Quite a nasty injury."

Susanna asked the TV doctor: "Did you provide the brace?"

He replied: "Erm no but I signed it off."

Ben explained that he hadn't even realised he'd been injured initially.

He added: "I carried on playing for 25 minutes.

"It turns out I severed all of my nerves which is why I carried on playing."

Earlier this week Dr Hilary came under fire after he'd accidentally dished out incorrect Covid-19 advice on the show.

He said: "A week after the second dose of the Pfzer, 15 days after…. err a week after the Janssen and 14 days after the Moderna and Astrazeneca don't need to self isolate if they'd been in contact with someone who tested positive."

A confused Susanna gasped: "Sorry?"

The doctor confirmed: "That's the current guidelines."

Later on in the segment, Dr Hilary was forced to apologise and explain that he'd got his wires crossed.

He said: "I stand corrected on what we said earlier. I think at the moment you will have to isolate even though you've had the jab but the evidence shows in the future that they [the government] may change this."

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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