Brews Brothers' Mike Castle Says He Was 'Enamored' with Wife Lauren Lapkus Before They Even Met

Along the way, he met Lapkus — who also hails from Illinois — while working on a show.

“We could have met so many times,” he says. “Where I went to Piven Theater, that’s blocks away from where Lauren grew up. It was very strange when Lauren and I eventually started dating, then I was like, ‘I know this whole neighborhood so well and I’ve never met you.’ ”

“She’s just so fun and cool to be around,” adds Castle, who wed Lapkus in October 2018. “Before I ever start a job with anybody, I always do a slightly unnecessary amount of research on them. With Lauren, I listened to her podcast and I always thought she was funny and everything, but I remember when I heard the podcast I was just enamored. I couldn’t believe how funny she is.”

Brews Brothers is currently streaming on Netflix.

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