‘Can’t believe it!’ The Repair Shop guest in tears over toy cooker restoration

The Repair Shop: Owner gets emotional at toy cooker restoration

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The Repair Shop guest Jane was left in tears on Wednesday’s episode of the BBC craft show. She brought her childhood toy cooker onto the programme in the hope Jay Blades and his team could restore it to its former glory. She entrusted the unusual toy to expert Steve Fletcher and was stunned when he revealed the final result of the restoration.

Jane brought her small toy cooker into The Repair Shop, leaving host Jay shocked it was once a functional cooker.

“It doesn’t really cook anything,” Jay said.

However, Jane swiftly corrected him: “It does cook.”

She explained: “It has two little tubes you would fill with methylated spirits here.

“You’ve got two little wicks at each end and when this gets put back in it heats up underneath,” Jane said.

“A real cooker that gets hot, cooks stuff, and kids play with it,” Jay remarked, emphasising his amazement.

“I used to play with it for hours and I used to make real food,” Jane replied.

Jane explained the toy cooker had originally belonged to her auntie and was then handed down to her.

She left the quirky toy with Steve who tried his best to repair and restore it to its original working order.

When Jane returned to the workshop later on in the episode, she was overcome with emotion.

“Are you hoping to cook on it?” Jay asked.

“I would love to, but that’s lethal. I can’t believe my mum allowed me to cook with it,” Jane laughed.

“Hopefully this is going to bring back some memories,” Jay said.

As Steve unveiled the restored toy cooker, Jane instantly burst into tears in awe of its new appearance.

“You can’t even see that I completely wrecked it,” she laughed.

Looking closer at the cooker, Jane said: “Oh and the little handles are back on.

“Thank you. Thank you so much. I think it’s even better than I remember it.

“I can’t believe you’ve brought it up so beautifully. It’s still my little cooker,” she added.

Steve confirmed: “Its still all totally original.”

“I’m so, so happy. Thank you so much,” Jane said once more.

Jay asked: “What’s the future for your little cooker? Where’s it going to go?”

“It’s going to go in my dining room. It’s not going back in the loft. There’s no way,” Jane insisted.

The Repair Shop airs Wednesdays at 8pm on BBC One.

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