Coronation Street spoilers: Carla Connor takes over Underworld leaving Sarah Platt devastated

CARLA Connor takes over Underworld leaving Sarah Platt devastated next week in Coronation Street. 

Sarah plans to buy her brother Nick’s shares in the factory this week after he announces he's selling to focus on his relationship with Leanne Battersby.

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However, things don't go her way and Nick drops the bombshell that Carla Connor is the new majority shareholder of Underworld in upcoming scenes.

Sarah begs Nick to reconsider, but Carla makes clear the deal has already been done.

In scenes set to air next week, Carla wastes no time in asserting her authority at the factory when there’s a problem with some samples.

Viewers will see Sarah facetime with Izzy to chase up the samples.

She spots a man in the background just as Izzy kills the call.

Later, Carla meets up with Jo Lafoe and presents her with Izzy’s samples, but it’s soon clear they’re not up to standard and an embarrassed Carla assures her there’s been a mix-up. 

Later, an angry Carla facetimes Izzy and confronts her.

Carla tells Sarah that it’s time Izzy returned to the factory and that if she doesn’t, they’ll have to fire her.

Sarah calls Izzy and suggests she returns to work, but is surprised when she suddenly announces that she’d like to resign from her job.

How will Carla react?

Corrie viewers know there's been tension between the pair ever since Sarah told Carla that alcoholic Peter’s transplant would be a waste of time.

Carla didn’t help matters when she told Sarah she was only trying to get back at her for sleeping with Adam.

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