Danny John-Jules wants Death in Paradise spin-off for Dwayne Myers

Death in Paradise is back to filming for season ten, and while the show often changes the cast, fans were particularly devastated when Danny John-Jules, who played Dwayne Myer, left the series in 2018. However, like Josephine Jobert, his character could always make a comeback! So will Danny return to St Marie in the future? Find out here… 

The show’s producer, Tim Key, has previously opened up about Danny’s potential return, saying: “Danny’s a friend of the show, and he did it for seven years, and Dwayne’s an amazing character. I would not rule anything out. I think if we had the right story for anybody, we would look at it.

Danny left the show in 2018 

“But it’s also about driving the show forward and evolving it. Again, there’s no plan to do that at all for the moment. But Danny’s brilliant. I would never say never to anything. It would be nice to do that again.”

Danny has spoken about potentially starring in a spin-off version of the show, telling TV Times: “I’d actually like to do a Death in Paradise spin-off with Dwayne, even if it were just a one-off special… I just need to meet up with the producer, Tony Jordan, to touch base and run it past him.” 

So why did Danny leave in the first place? The Red Dwarf actor, who starred in Strictly in the same year that he left the series, previously explained: “I left Death in Paradise because I wanted to get back on stage. I needed a bit more razzmatazz in my life, and then along came Strictly! I haven’t done a show for more than 20 years, so this is as close as I’m going to get to doing the jazz hands again.” 

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