'Dear White People' Season 4: How Many Episodes Drop on Netflix This Season?

Dear White People wrapped up its fourth and final season in October 2019. This fourth season has 10 episodes that were described as a jukebox of ’90s music performed by Black folk. When you look past the bizarre musical moments, you get to enjoy a contemporary TV series that seeks to address racism within American society. Altogether, the comedy-drama in its final lap mirrors American society that should leave audiences entertained and educated. 

The premise of ‘Dear White People’

Set in a fictional Ivy League institution, Winchester University, the comedy-drama exposes audiences to internalized racism that seems to exist even in institutions that are considered post-racial. Creator Justin Simien is quoted proclaiming how he intended the show to challenge the status quo by pushing the audiences to have thought-provoking discussions on race and white privilege.

The final season centers around the graduating class, highlighting great Black musicians, including TLC and Mary Mary. According to Thrillist, the creator wanted the final season to take audiences on the emotional journey that the cast was on as they reflected on their own lives.

Main cast members

Audiences will notice that the Netflix original series was renewed for the fourth season just two months after the third season premiered in August 2019. The entire cast from the third season makes a comeback in this final season. During the cast’s senior year at Winchester University, audiences should expect to see the group remain intact.

Logan Browning continues in her role as Samantha White while Brandon P. Bell continues to play Troy Fairbanks. DeRon Horton is entrusted with the role of Lionel Higgins, while Ashley Blaine Featherson brings the character that is Joelle Brooks to life.

The creator also kept John Patrick Amedori as Gabe Mitchell and Marque Richardson will be playing Reggie Green. Finally, audiences should be delighted to see Antoinette Robertson continue to grace their screens as Colandrea’ Coco’ Conners.

To keep things fresh, the creator decided to bring in new characters to the show. These include How To Get Away With Murder star Rome Flynn who takes on the role of David and Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown. Overall, this star-studded cast is expected to end the show with a celebratory goodbye. It can be argued that the final season is meant to feel like an after-party throughout the 10 episodes, even as the cast members unpack issues of race, sexuality, and social classes.

What we already know about ‘Dear White People’ season 4

The first thing that audiences will notice throughout the 10 episodes that make the final season of Dear White People is that it is a full-on ’90s musical. From the cinematography on display and the storyline, it is apparent that the show intended to go out with a bang. To give the show the much-needed revival, there are talks of having guest stars grace the different music scenes.

From the trailer, audiences can tell that a new character will be introduced within this final series. Joi Liayé plays this new character from The Fosters, cast as the Winchester freshman student and activist Iesha Vital. Some friction is expected between Vital and Sam, as the former is elevated to being the new-generation activist expected to take the show forward. 

Furthermore, fans will notice that season four will not have Rashid Mburu, played by Jeremy Tardy. The actor’s exit from the show followed his controversial accusations against the show’s production company of racial discrimination.

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