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EASTENDERS' fans were shocked to see Sharon leaving Walford after her ex Phil offered to buy back the Queen Vic for her.

Scenes tonight saw the depressed mum with a packed suitcase telling Phil she was going to stay with pal Michelle in Australia.

Offering to go with her, Sharon said: "Phil I'm such a mess, I just need a bit of space, to get my head together."

She added: "I'll be back in a few weeks. I want this to work, I just don't know how at the moment."

Sharon has been going through a tough time lately with her son Dennis being killed, and giving her baby to Keanu's mum Karen to look after.

The grieving mum had been struggling to parent her newborn son in the wake of older son's death – even admitting to friend Ian at one point that she didn't want her young son.

So tonight we saw her leaving Walford and heading to Oz for a "break".

Desperate for her to stay Phil revealed that he was "buying the Vic" for her, and that it could be a "fresh start for them".

Sharon looked taken aback and accused Phil of trying "to replace" her dead son with a pub, which Phil strongly denied.

The scene ended with Phil begging her not to go and Sharon saying: "I don't want to, but I have to."

Fans have been dying for Phil and Sharon to take over the Queen Vic again.

Last week Phil found out the pub was for sale after telling Shirley Carter how he planned to win Sharon back.

Owners Mick and Linda are selling due to Linda's alcoholism making it too difficult for her to remain there.

Sharon grew up in the pub in the 80s when her mum and dad  – Dirty Den and Angie. – owned it

She then ran the pub with her former husband (and Phil's brother) Grant.

Fans can't wait to see her back behind the bar and now it looks like that dream is set to come true.

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EastEnders' Phil Mitchell finds out the Vic is for sale after admitting plan to win Sharon back

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