Emmerdale’s Debbie Dingle steamiest on-screen moments after 19 years on air

Charley Webb left Emmerdale fans up and down the country devastated earlier this year when she announced that she was leaving the show "for good" after 19 years on the soap.

The blonde bombshell first appeared on our screens back in 2002 as the beloved character Debbie Dingle and it didn't take long for viewers to fall head over heels for the Northern star.

With a career that spans nearly 20 years on the popular ITV show, the 33-year-old has been a staple fixture in the village and the mum-of-three has had her fair share of steamy onscreen moments throughout her career.

Known for her striking blonde blocks and incredibly toned physique, Charley has definitely turned heads throughout her time on the show.

So to celebrate her departure on Emmerdale, the Daily Star has taken a look back at the actress' steamiest on screen moments.

Lesbian love affair

Emmerdale's Debbie Dingle has leaf a chequered love life during her time on the soap, and she made sure to start her TV career off with a bang as her character found herself in a lesbian relationship with pal Jasmine Thomas.

Back in 2006, Debbie set tongues wagging in the Woolpack after romance sparked between her and the aspiring journalist while the pair are still at school.

Their romance started out as a way for Debbie to get a reaction out of her father, Cain, but their feelings for each other soon blossom to the surface as what was initially thought to be a prank became a sweet relationship.

However, Debbie was unfortunately left heartbroken after she learned that her best friend had slept with her dad in order to get back at her for her betrayal.

Their romance soon fizzled out after Jasmine discovered that she was pregnant with Cain's child as Debbie pushed her to get an abortion which was paid for by Sadie King.

Kinky pink lingerie

Charley set pulses racing back in 2014 when her character became involved in a steamy sex scene with her fiancé's brother Ross Barton.

In the clip, Ross and Debbie sent fans into meltdown as the pair got down and dirty, with Debbie seen rocking a set of lacy pink lingerie.

The scene starts with them kissing and getting seriously frisky on the sofa before the blonde belle puts on quite the display as she stands and unzips her dress in front his very eyes.

Her white dress soon falls to the ground and Debbie exposes just a hint on lingeries as the camera pans down her pink see-through garment.

She paired the lacy garment with a matching pair of pink knickers which she wore underneath the daring dress.

As she proudly posed in front of him, she asked: "Is that what you want? Now it's your turn" as she returns to kissing him on the sofa.

But the scene soon turns sour as Ross turns down her affection leaving the beloved character heartbroken.

"What are you doing? I'm giving you what you want aren't I?" she asks.

Clearly unimpressed, Ross told her he's had enough, saying: "Nah I don't think I'll bother."

As she curled up into a ball, she muttered: "You think you can just click your fingers and I'll come running?" as a tear fell down her face.

Business with pleasure

Fast forward three years, Debbie managed to build herself back up after her heartbreaking split from her fiancé Pete Barton as she started a new romance with Tom Waterhouse.

As soon as the loving mum locked eyes with newcomer Tom it was clear to see there was an instant connection between the pair as Debbie soon falls helplessly for his charms.

They flirted up a storm on screen as she recklessly mixed business with pleasure and after weeks of build-up, the blonde bombshell found herself in his arms after one thing led to another in an impressive hotel room.

After they took things to the next level, the pair could barely keep their hands off of each other as the randy pair were caught doing the dirty at every opportunity.

But their burning lust for each other soon ended after Debbie discovered the truth about her boyfriend threatening the Dingle family home.

Long lost love

In 2018, Debbie had moved onto bigger and better things as she put her history with Tom firmly behind her.

Over the years, Joe Tate and Debbie Dingle have had their fair share of ups and downs after the TV hunk ruined her life in a mad revenge plot against her mum Charity Dingle and Debbie got revenge when she organised an acid attack which went horribly wrong.

But underneath their cruel actions, the pair have deep feelings for each other which became clear when Debbie found her former lover floating in the lake of a quarry unconscious after he tried to save his little brother Noah.

Luckily, the blonde bombshell jumped into the water and successfully performed CPR on him before she called for an ambulance.

After his life flashed before his eyes, Joe put things into perspective as he kissed the blonde belle and appeared to rekindle their relationship once again.

When the heartthrob was sent home, their romance was taken to the next level as the pair shared a steamy session after their life-changing moment.

But it wasn't meant to be as the pair slowly drifted apart over the coming weeks and instead became firm friends in the village.

Al's mystery woman

The beloved character's final brush with romance was with none other than Al Chapman back in 2020.

In the build up to Christmas, fans had been desperate to find out who Al's mystery woman was after weeks of flirting via text and secret meetings behind Priya Sharma's back.

Romance first blossomed between the two when Charity begged her daughter to help the businessman when his car broke down near Aberdeen.

It is understood that the wealthy gentleman was blown away by her striking good looks from the moment he set eyes on her.

Ever since, the pair have been enjoying a steamy love affair without either of their families knowing as they enjoyed romantic getaways to lavish hotels in the Scottish isles.

But they're not the only ones kept in the dark, as Debbie was blissfully ignorant the business tycoon was in a relationship with Priya the whole time.

After Debbie learned of his betrayal, she quickly cut ties with Al as she returned to her quiet life in the countryside.

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