Escape to the Chateau’s Dick Strawbridge red-faced over son Arthurs criticism

Escape to the Chateau: Arthur describes red wine as stock

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Channel 4 viewers got an insight into Christmas with Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree in a recent episode of Escape to the Chateau. The couple prepared a festive meal with a French twist on the show. However, before they tucked into their fondue feast, their son Arthur sold Dick short when speaking about his cooking.

As Dick finished setting the table for their festive meal, Angel congratulated her husband for his hard work.

“Dick this looks so exciting,” Angel said. “I am so ready for this!”

The Strawbridge family raised a toast and celebrated the holiday season before starting their meal.

Encouraging everyone to dig in to the range of dishes, Angel exclaimed: “Let the feast begin.”

“You have to cook your own,” Dick teased, referencing the fact the meal was fondue style.

Explaining what food he’d prepared, Dick said: “It’s a Christmas fondue.”

“What’s in here Arthur? What are we cooking in?” Dick asked, encouraging his son to get involved.

“Oh, stock,” Arthur remarked.

“That’s sold it short, mate!” Dick laughed.

He explained: “It’s a red wine bouillon actually. It’s a really rich stock to cook in.

“You’ve got your beef, you’ve got your Christmas bird, you’ve got your stuffing and your pigs in blankets to cook.

“We’ve got Brussels sprouts to cook, we’ve got potatoes to eat – it is Christmas!” Dick exclaimed.

After cooking some meat in the fondue pot Arthur declared: “Mine’s cooked to perfection.”

Angel’s father Stephen made it clear he was also enjoying the twist on a traditional Christmas dinner.

“Dad when was the last time you did fondue?” Angel asked her father.

Stephen replied: “I’ve got a feeling it would have been 30 or 40 years ago.”

Dick joked: “That’s when they were in fashion the first time!”

“I must say, I remember really enjoying it,” Stephen added.

“Dick, honestly this is incredible,” Angel said, praising her husband.

Escape to the Chateau airs Sundays at 8pm on Channel 4.

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