Four In A Bed owner brands guest a disgrace after huge underpayment

Four in a Bed: Host finds guest’s underpayment insulting

During the latest instalment of Four In A Bed the owners learned who had the best value place of the week as four couples settled the score with each other.

The first pairing to review their payment was Rob and Eloisa who run The Lime Tree Inn, in Yorkshire.

They were left seriously unimpressed when Pav and Heena underpaid them by £20 and scored them a seven out of 10 for their facilities as Pav demanded a desk and ironing board in his room.

Rob fumed: “All our other customers think we are fantastic so it’s highly disappointing that you don’t, but I understand your opinion.”

Pav thought he could get a “better” hotel in the area for £130 per night instead of The Lime Tree Inn which charged that price.

Speaking to the cameras Rob fumed: “For Pav to insult us that much with an underpayment of what we offer, I just don’t understand. I cannot get it.”

He later added: “It just astounds me that Pav can be so critical of other people’s places when his own is quite a disgrace at this stage.”

Rob and his partner underpaid Pav and Heena by £20 too after giving them a two out of 10 for hygiene after finding dead bugs and dust in their room.

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Dave and Karen and Kelly and Lorraine also underpaid Pav and Heena for the same reasons and gave the pair a two for hygiene.

Following the brutal feedback around the table, Rob told the cameras: “Pav needs to listen to all the advice he’s been given as he’s on a knife’s edge at the moment.”

Heena admitted to the other guests following the disheartening feedback: “This is a massive wakeup call for us.”

Pav added: “I have learned a lot from this process, I am a newcomer as we are only six months in.”

With all the payments in, Dave revealed the winner of the show was Abbey Court Guest House which is run by Lorraine and Kelly.

Kelly added: “There is not much reward for what we do, so to get our name on a plaque is brilliant.”

“To come second is amazing, I just cannot tell you,” Karen said with a smile.

Four In A Bed airs on weekdays at 5pm on Channel 4 and All4.

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