Friends fans left fuming as James Corden officially confirmed as reunion host

Friends fans have reacted with frustration after learning James Corden is to host the much-anticipated reunion.

The classic sitcom's six stars recorded the TV special in April, and it will be streamed on HBO Max in the US from May 27.

Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer will roll back the years as they get together 17 years after the final show.

But there was one big reveal on Wednesday – Brit Corden will be the one speaking to them about it.

Some of the show's fans are really ticked off that the former Gavin & Stacey star was given the nod for the big reunion.

Many wanted someone connected with Friends – life Central Perk coffee boss Gunther.

James continues to divide people on either side of the Atlantic and fans took to social media to voice their annoyance.

One said: "Why James Corden? Why?"

Another tweeted: "Sorry but I literally despise James Corden for worming his way into the Friends Reunion stop needing to be everywhere."

A third put: "I just don't get the James Corden thing."

Offering alternatives, another fan suggested: "So many others could have done it. Tom Selleck? Bruce Willis? Gunther?!"

Some did stick up for James, and one said: "James corden is gonna be in the friends reunion, he’s literally one of my favorite interviewers of all time and now i’m gonna see him with six of my favorite people."

The special episode was confirmed back in February 2020, and now we finally have an air date and a trailer.

While the US air date has been confirmed, we're yet to have confirmation about the UK release date.

Sources told Deadline that Sky is considered the most likely choice due to its close ties with Warner Brothers.

HBO bought the streaming rights for Friends for $425 million (around £300million), but HBO Max is not available for UK viewers.

Friends: The Reunion will air on May 27 on HBO Max

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