Gemma Collins shows off fancy bras saying they’re for when she’s ‘back in action’ – The Sun

GEMMA Collins is going all out the moment she gets out of lockdown starting with her underwear.

The buxom blonde showed off her fancy new underwear to fans today, revealing they were for when she was ‘back in action’.

Sharing on her Instagram Stories to her 1.6million followers, Gemma showed off a number of three new items of lingerie and told her fans they are for when she’s “back in action”.

The reality star also showed off her very tidy underwear draw, with a number of brightly coloured and patterned bras on display.

Gemma recently opened up to listeners on her show – The Gemma Collins Podcast – and lifted the lid on how lockdown has been treating her over the past five weeks during her stay at her brother's family home in Essex.

The reality star admitted that she has been "pretty positive" about the current pandemic but is now starting to struggle with being cooped up indoors – and is doing literally anything to keep herself sane.

She told her listeners: "It is terrible what's going on and I don't deny that for one minute and it is very serious but I'm going to be honest, I'm struggling a bit.

"I find myself futurising a lot. I find myself dreaming of drinking a rather large glass of vino down the pub with friends and then slowly realise 'hang on honey, this ain't going to be happening for a long while'.

"One minute I'm Carole Baskin from Tiger King, one minute I'm obsessing over Brian McFadden from Boyz Life, I do various different accents around the house on the daily. I've started talking to my gnome in the kitchen."

The Towie diva met Brian during her famous stint on Dancing On Ice in 2019 and has remained friends.

Although they are good pals, Gemma also has a secret soft spot for the singer and once tried to seduce the Irish hunk but he was too busy – scoffing a bucket of KFC.

Appearing on Irish TV series Livin' With Lucy, she said: "I loved Westlife and Brian McFadden was the one who got away. He should have been mine.

"Brian McFadden has been in this apartment. I wanted to jump on him but he had a bucket of KFC.

"That was not the reason I wanted to jump on him.

"I thought, 'How am I going to get McFadden into the bedroom?' because I wanted to fulfil this lifelong dream of making love to Brian McFadden."

Sadly she wasn't able to make her dream a reality even though she thinks they "could have been Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers" if things had panned out differently.

The star also told fans during her latest podcast that although she's finding it hard to keep motivated, it has given her time to reflect about what the future holds for the GC.

She added: "It's all these little things that are getting me through and I think I've just been trying to accept the fact and I can't really get my head around the fact that I can't get much done!

"So you might think I might have already realised this as we are five weeks into isolation, but it has been a lot to take in.

"I am feeling claustrophobic. I'm not going to lie. It's hard to stay motivated in isolation but it has given me a lot of time for reflection in my life."

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