'Gilmore Girls': Is Taylor Doose Secretly Kirk Gleason's Father?

KirkGleason was one of the most eccentric residents of Stars Hollow during GilmoreGirls’ seven-season run. While some fans found Kirk’s antics endearing,others saw him as irritating and downrightcreepy. Fans know plenty about Kirk’s eccentricities, but little is knownabout his family. Sure, Kirk mentions his mother regularly, but he rarely spokeof his father. Fans have theorized that Taylor Doose, the StarsHollow selectman, might have actually fathered Kirk. The evidence is prettycompelling.

Taylor continues to hire Kirk, even though he’s completely incompetent

Gilmore Girls fans have noted that Taylor seemed tohave a soft spot for Kirk. This is evidence by the fact that Taylor hired Kirkto complete important town tasks, over and over again, regardless of the factthat Kirk almost always messed up whatever task he was assigned. It’s not likeKirk was the only person in all of Stars Hollow who was willing to get involvedin town activities. Town meetings were packed with seemingly competent adults.Still, somehow, Kirk always managed to be Taylor’s first choice.

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Now, it’s possible that Taylorgave Kirk jobs knowing he would mess them up, thus proving how important hewas to keep the town running, but it seems equally likely that Taylor hiredKirk because he felt a responsibility to him. Perhaps, he felt responsible forhim because he was actually his father.

Kirk and Taylor share a medical condition

Kirk suffered from night terrors so severe that he would oftenfind himself waking up naked on the roof. Night terrors, which are not uncommonin childhood, are much rarer in adulthood, although they can still happen. Taylor,coincidentally, also suffered from night terrors, as does the majority of hisfamily.

While it might seem like just an odd coincidence, MayoClinic notes that night terrors appear to have a hereditary component. Achild is more likely to suffer from night terrors if an immediate family memberalso suffered from them. OneReddit fans surmised that Kirk might have night terrors because he is aDoose, after all.

Kirk’s father is rarely mentioned

While Gilmore Girls fans know all about Kirk’smother, although she is never seen, Kirk’s father is rarely, if ever mentioned.In fact, there is really only a handful of mentions of Kirk’s family aside fromhis mother and only one mention of his father. In season 2, episode 13, Kirkmentions that he had 12 brothers and sisters, although it appears as thoughevery one of them left the town.  

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In season 4, episode 18, Kirk bungled Stars Hollow’s Easteregg hunt, and in a delirious, sleep-deprived state, he suggests that Taylor washis father. LukeDanes corrected him, insisting that Taylor was not, in fact, Kirk’s father,but the fact remains, maybe, Kirk was right. Taylor was also overly invested inLuke and Lorelai’s relationship going sour. Perhaps he had firsthand experienceof a town romance going south.

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