Here’s how Chanel West Coast copes with her anxiety

It might be surprising to some fans that Chanel West Coast, the bubbly, peppy MTV host of Ridiculousness, struggles with anxiety. However, on March 26, 2020, the upbeat host got vulnerable with fans and revealed that anxiety is a big struggle for her. “What I listen to every morning because I wake up with anxiety almost every day of my life,” she penned via her Instagram Stories (via In Touch). “Really helps me calm and focus for the day.” Chanel added a screenshot of meditation music so fans could see what she likes to listen to for anxiety.

Although Chanel didn’t say what sparks her stress, in the past, she has discussed online trolling before. This would take a toll on anyone, let alone an anxious person! However, Chanel tries to remain upbeat despite this struggle, as evidenced by another Instagram Story she shared. “Work hard. Love ALL people,” she penned (via In Touch). “Don’t judge anyone by their race/sexual orientation/religion. Stay positive. Support others. Be kind. Be generous. Be honest.”

As it turns out, positive mantras and music aren’t the only tools Chanel uses to cope with anxiety. 

Chanel West Coast uses this popular remedy

In addition to the self-care strategies we noted above, Chanel West Coast also uses CBD (cannabidiol), a non-psychoactive version of cannabis, per Healthline. “Whether it’s after a hard workout or a long day at the studio, or just having a lil anxiety and need to chill, I use CBD to help me stay relaxed and focused to take on my next project!” she captioned a February 2019 Instagram post.

But wait — that’s not all! During a home tour with In Touch, Chanel shared that she loves filling her home with crystals, saying of their healing properties, “I’m a very spiritual person. I can sense energy.” She shared that certain crystals bring different energies into her life and she likes to have as many as possible in her house. And to ward off nightmares and ghosts, she uses dream catchers.  

The bottom line: There’s no “right” way for a person with anxiety to act or appear, and there are many different treatments for this issue. Whatever works, right?

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