How much does Jade Cline make per episode of Teen Mom?

IN the Teen Moms universe, the actors being paid are also full time mothers as well.

With the young mother from Teen Mom 2 having so much on their plate, many wonder how well the moms are compensated for the show?

How much does Jade Cline make per episode of Teen Mom?

Jade Cline's current net worth is reportedly just around $250,000 for her work both on and off the show.

On the show, Jade Cline was reported to be making around $5,000 per episode.

This was reported when Jade Cline had just started on the show back during season nine.

Cline joined halfway through the ninth season, so its possible that now she makes more per episode.

Outside of Teen Mom 2, Jada Cline has other resources as well contributing to her net worth.

Jada Cline is a licensed cosmetologist and owns a hair salon business, Hair Slayed by Jade.

She's also previously worked at her family business, Sanders Family Restaurant.

The family restaurant ultimately closed its doors back in October of 2019.

The closing came after multiple efforts to save the restaurant, that ultimately proved unsuccessful.

She also has reportedly partnered with Pat Pat Kids, a clothing line for children.

Pat Pat Kids emphasizes bringing low cost high quality children's clothing to the market.

Reportedly, Jada Cline may start a similar business of her own in the near future.

Despite Jada Cline's impressive net worth, there has been some controversy surrounding her pay for the show.

Jade Cline also appears on the show with co-star and other teen mom Briana DeJesus.

Briana has publicly voiced that she and Jade do not get paid satisfactorily enough.

Cline made her first appearance on the latter half of season nine, while Briana first appeared in the beginning of season eight.

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