Inside Hollyoaks Maalik family – scathing rant, past jobs and return rumours

Hollyoaks fans have been entertained by the Maalik family for over five years.

Misbah Maalik and her relatives have been through a lot since arriving in the village back in 2017.

From heartbreak and scandal to love and betrayal, the clan have been at the centre of the Channel 4 soap's biggest storylines.

As Shaq Qureshi (Omar Malik) continues to go through a crisis of love in upcoming scenes, as he announces his plans to go on 30 days’ worth of dates.

However, advice from Cindy Cunningham (Steph Waring) gives him a different perspective and he takes an even more drastic approach.

Seeing no other option, the Maaliks resort to an intervention for Shaq, but can he be talked out of his decision?

As the Maaliks dominate Hollyoaks scenes this week, Daily Star have taken a look into the lives of the stars who play or have played members of the family.

Kashif Maalik – Nitin Patel

Actor Nitin Patel played Kashif Malik, the father of Sami, Yasmine, Farrah and Imran, in flashback scenes in July 2018.

Kashif was an accountant at the Forbes Carney Solicitors law firm and helped James Nightingale settle into his new job on his first day, and was welcoming towards him.

In November 2012, under pressure from Mac Nightingale, James began to embezzle money from the company and he framed Kashif for the crime, despite Kashif trying to support James when Mac makes homophobic remarks about James.

Kashif was arrested and later falsely imprisoned. He ended up killing himself in prison.

Sheebah Desai – Rekha John-Cheriyan

Sheebah is the mother of Sami Maalik and Azim Desai and Kashif's first wife.

In November 2019, Sheebah arrived for Sami's wedding to Sinead Shelby (Steph Davis).

Sheebah was eager to meet Sinead, but Azim lied that they were extending the superstition of the groom being unable to see the bride before the ceremony to the mother-in-law, not telling her that Sinead was really in Spain.

Sinead told Sami of her intentions to stay in Spain and jilted him, so Sheebah gave him a book of Gujarati girls whom Sheebah thought would be a good match for Sami, offending his family.

Sheebah was furious to learn of Azim's feelings for Ste Hay and made her disapproval very clear.

Azim made clear that he wouldn't let Sheebah decide who he could and could not be with, and Sheebah returned to London.

Since leaving the soap, actress Rekha has appeared in TV series Trying and movies Dream House and Little English.

Misbah Maalik – Harvey Virdi

Misbah married Kashif before his death and is the mother of Shaq Qureshi, Farrah, Yazz and Imran.

She arrived on the scene in 2017 when Yass was involved in a car accident after being rushed to hospital due to heart problems caused by cardiomyopathy, and is revealed to be an emergency doctor.

She was shown to very dutiful to her job. She fired Tegan Lomax due to a misunderstanding, believing that Tegan gave the wrong medicine to a patient. However, she later re-instated her.

Over the years, Misbah has been involved in plenty of dramatic storlines including the abuse of her son Imran, her friendship with Marnie Nightingale and being raped by Ali Shahzad (Raji James).

While Harvey is still playing Misbah in the soap, the TV star previously played Dev Alahan's secret lover in rival soap Coronation Street.

Farrah Maalik – Krupa Pattani

Actress Krupa Pattani made her Hollyoaks debut in June 2017.

She arrives as the new Hospital psychologist where she meets the troubled Kim Butterfield, whom she would later begin a relationship with.

Upon on her arrival it's soon seen that she's the daughter of Misbah, who arrived a month before hand.

Farrah's time in the Vic saw her main focus on Kim and being later joined by her full family.

Her days in Hollyoaks village came to an end in May 2019 when she accepted a job offer in Canada.

Since leaving the soap, actress Krupa has appeared in Midsomer murders, Eat, Chips, Love and children's TV show Biff & Chip.

Sami Maalik – Rishi Nair

Sami Maalik first arrived in Hollyoaks village in September 2017.

He's first seen outside of The Dog with a bag on his shoulder and sneaks into The Nightingales home flat before almost getting caught by Ellie Nightingale and Holly Cunningham.

The character took centre stage in a number of high-profile plots over the years before his exit in October 2021.

Sami's initial revenge plan against James Nightingale gave him a dramatic start to life in the village.

He also had memorable relationships with Ellie Nightingale, Sinead O'Connor, Liberty Savage and Verity Hutchinson.

While Sami is no longer in the village, actor Rishi has teased that he could return in the future.

Speaking about his exit last year, he said: "I don’t want to say this is goodbye forever because we never know what the future might hold.

"But I feel like he’s left at a good time. We’ve seen him go full circle.

"He came to the village looking for revenge and was a bit of a villain at the beginning and we’ve kind of seen the real Sami and his soft side has come through."

Yazz Maalik – Haiesha Mistry

Haieisha Mistry exploded onto our screens as Yazz Maalik for the first time in 2017.

In 2019, when radicals, Stuart Sumner and Jonny Baxter move in next to the Maalik's, they plan an attack on Sami Maalik’s engagement party to Sinead Shelby.

When the groomed Ste Hay finds out about the plan, he hopes to put a stop to it, but an explosive detonates in his backyard, leaving Yazz deaf.

Later, she is told by Mitchell Drinkwell-Deveraux that she has perforated ear drums and shall likely never regain her hearing. She is given hearing aids, and eventually learns to adapt.

Yazz is still a resident in Hollyoaks village and actress Haiesha couldn't hold back her anger recently when she saw a social media user suggesting that young actors should be hiring studios to create their own showreel tapes for casting directors.

The soap star took to Twitter to air her frustration at the tweet, suggesting that it was a ridiculous suggestion for those who don't have disposable income.

She wrote: "I read a tweet recently about how actors should hire a studio to do self-tapes! Like what is this nonsense?! Once I was holding down five jobs including a day job to fund auditions etc so where these people think we get the money from I have no idea…"

She continued: "Fellow actors please ignore the bad advice and listen to the good!"

Imran Maalik – Ijaz Rana

Imran Maalik is seen as a bit of a charmer and made friends quick with the likes of fellow teen in Tom Cunningham when he arrived in the village.

However in January 2018, the Maaliks were involved in a car accident and Misbah makes a split decision to save Yazz before Imran.

This leaves the young lad furious and he begins to be hateful towards his mother to the point he starts to hit out and have angry outbursts.

These have continued over the years and more recently he confronted his mother's rapist with a knife.

Away from Hollyoaks, actor Ijaz enjoys sharing behind-the-scenes snaps with his on-screen family.

In one Instagram snap, he poses next to co-star Haiesha Mistry while the enjoy a break from filming.

Fans will have to wait to see what drama is in store for Imran over the next few months.

Shaq Qureshi – Omar Malik

Cheeky womaniser Shaq turned up in the village in March 2021, having jilted fiancée Lucy at the altar.

He quickly learned that his "aunt" Misbah was in fact his biological mother and Ali Shahzad was his biological father.

Shaq became eager to get to know his parents until discovering that he was conceived through rape.

Like his co-stars, Omar has previously appeared in rival soaps including Coronation Street and Doctors.

He's also appeared in Young Dracula, Moving On, Holby City, No Offence, The Dumping Ground and Call the Midwife.

Hollyoaks spoilers have revealed that Omar is set to find love in upcoming scenes.

Ashling O'Shea has joined the cast as Nadira, who runs. a matchmaking even in the village.

Teased as a feisty and fun new character, it seems assertive Nadira will be able to hold her own alongside resident bad boy Shaq.

Hollyoaks airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 6.30pm followed by first-look episodes on E4 at 7pm

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