Katie Price compares herself to a pig as she shows off new boobs in bikini

KATIE Price compared herself to a pig as she stripped to a bikini and headed to Pig Island after having her breasts enlarged.

When they arrived on the island Katie pointed out two pigs apparently having sex under a tree and joked: "Look they're having fun over there. That's Carl and Kate."

However,despite being amused by the pigs she told fans she was in pain before the trip, showing off her new tattoo sleeves saying: "It hurts so much."

The 43-year-old star showed off her enormous new boobs and her extensive new tattoos on her sun-drenched break in Thailand.

She took the trip with fiance Carl Woods and her social media team in a new video on her YouTube channel.

Katie told fans she was thrilled to be visiting the island – off Koh Samui, where they were staying – adding: "There just one slight problem.

"Due to me having my tattoo done yesterday my arm is slightly swollen.

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"It hurts so much. Even though I'm going back today after Piggy Island for more torture of needling and tattooing."

They were seen playing with the pigs on the island, where she said they handed nearly £200 to visit.

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Katie told fans: "Would I recommend coming to Piggy Island? I would because it's something different but just so you know for five people it cost £190.

"Then when you're on the island they pay you again to come on the island.

"Then when you see the pigs they charge you for pig food to get the pigs around you. It's not a cheap trip but it is worth doing."

Katie explained this month that her latest boob job was her 24th breast procedure – having had her first back in 1998 when she went up to a C cup.

She told fans the implants for the biggest ever were in a safe back in the UK and were "for sale for a million pounds".

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Katie is covered in tattoos – she also has a large picture of Carl's face to match the one he has of her calling it "more than a tattoo – it's a tribute to each other".

The tattoo comes after the star revealed her large new boobs in a series of eye-popping pictures.

She was seen lounging on a boat in a bikini top with her 33-year-old boyfriend after her 14th boob operation.

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