Love Islands Aaron Francis admits flirty banter after Royal link emerges

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There's nothing a Love Island recruiter loves more than a celeb link, well as long as the summer body is on point.

And hunk Aaron Francis, 24, ticked all the boxes with his unlikely link to the Royal family.

Bit while he may have mingled with the A-list in a professional capacity at Princess Beatrice and Eugenie’s weddings, the VIP event host tells OK! he never mixes business with pleasure.

He said: There’s always a bit of flirty banter, but never anything that goes too far. I like to be professional in my job.”

As well as royals on his CV, part-time model Aaron also hosted the winners' room at the Brits last year.

Opening up about his hopes for the new series, he says he hasn’t dated anyone for six months, and he won’t hook up with anyone who’s argumentative.

In fact, he will turn his back on any woman who shouts at him in the villa.

“If someone raises their voice at me, it’s like the ultimate disrespect. It’s the biggest turn off,” he says. “That’s just not how I do things and it’s not how it goes in my family. If someone’s angry, I’ll give them a couple of minutes to chill, because if you’re going to shout at me, I’m not even gonna listen. As for me, I like to keep my cool.”

However, the 6ft 3 hunk says that appearances can be deceptive. People assume he’s a tough guy, but he admits to being a big softie who is not afraid of commitment.

“I am a good boyfriend,” he says. “When I am in a relationship I am quite soft, even though most people don’t see that. I’m really committed and I love a cuddle. I like to do little cute things too.

"I remember stuff that she likes or that she said she wanted. I’m about quality time too. When I am with a woman, I put my phone away to be with her properly.”

Aaron has had two long-term relationships and recently spent six-months in Saudi Arabia where he didn’t date anyone.

“I thought there was no point dating anyone out there because I was coming back to the UK. So, I am gonna be a bit rusty, that’s guaranteed."

He says that both his long-term relationships ended amicably. “No scandals, cheating or going through each other’s phones or stuff. Luckily I haven’t had any real bad toxic relationships,” he says.

Aaron is looking for a dark-haired girl who is passionate, family oriented and who won’t give him grief.

He can’t promise he won’t have sex on TV if he meets the Miss Right, even though he’s told his nine-year-old nephew to tune into the show if he’s missing him.

“I would like to say that I wouldn’t go all the way on TV, but I don’t know what kind of relationships I’m going to get into, so I can’t guarantee anything. When two people really, really like each other, things happen.”

Love Island airs on ITV2 from Monday June 28

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