Lydia Bright feared 'poorly' baby daughter would end up in hospital but believes her late grandfather protected her

LYDIA Bright feared her 'poorly' baby daughter would end up in hospital – but believes her late grandfather protected her.

The former Towie star welcomed her first child – daughter Loretta – in February, and has been keeping her fans up to date on her little girl's progress on her social media.

However, taking to her Instagram Stories on Friday, Lydia revealed her baby hadn't been well and she'd started to fear she would have to make a dash to hospital with her.

As she shared a clip of Loretta being nursed by her mum Debbie in the garden, she wrote across it: "It's been a really hard day.

"Since Loretta had her immunisations on Monday she has been so poorly.
'Today her temperature was so high and she wasn't feeding, the doctors were concerned I would have to take her to hospital."

As the clip continued, the 30-year-old highlighted a white feather which had landed on the wall next to where Debbie was sitting.

She continued: "Then just before her temperature dropped and she started a successful feed this landed next to us."

She then shared a picture of her late grandfather, writing: "Thank you grandad for protecting Loretta."

For many people, including Lydia, a white feather appearing unexpectedly is a sign a loved one is watching over them.

Earlier this month, Lydia admitted she is a 'panicky' new mum who is on constant 'high alert' because of coronavirus.

She told The Sun's Fabulous magazine: "Naturally, when you have a newborn, especially first-time mums, you are very protective.

"At night-time, if she doesn’t make a noise I’ll jump up because I’m scared she’s not breathing. I was so panicky those first days anyway, then with this I’m even more on high alert."

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