Mark Labbett gives up as Chase blunder result in thumping loss: Take on the chin

The Chase team clinch jackpot win as The Beast 'gives up'

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Rebecca, Joel and Philippa all made it to the Final Chase in the latest episode of the ITV quiz show. Host Bradley Walsh and Chaser Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett watched in awe as the team knocked the Chaser backwards several times and went home with a jackpot of £17,000.

The three players won more than £5,500 apiece after an impressive performance in Friday evening’s Final Chase.

Chaser Mark was left humbled by the end of the last round after he was left with just 30 seconds to catch up to the team by several points.

However, by the time they entered the second minute on the clock, some viewers felt The Beast had already given up the task after several slip-ups left him with his head in his hands.

Robin Chapman tweeted: “B****y hell, Mark was mightily p****d off again there.”

“Was expecting him to thump something or to storm off – even before the end of his questions. Gave up 2/3 through & sounded like he was having a sulk.”

Mark frequently rolled his eyes and gave wrong guesses during the final quiz as if he was trying to get the round over with.

One such mistake was his failure to pronounce “Australia” correctly, plus seeming uninterested when he incorrectly identified Phil Collins as the member of Genesis to leave before Peter Gabriel.

Chase viewer Sarah tweeted: “He’s given up. Won’t be surprised if he storms off.”

Although the formidable quizzer has a reputation for storming off or even attacking the set, his reaction to this week’s loss was rather tamer in comparison.

He congratulated the team and conceded: “I’ve got to take my thumping like a man.

“Well played, you absolutely deserved to win. Well played, guys.”

And presenter Bradley added: “Well deserved win. That’s the Chaser taking it on the chin. Even The Beast can be beaten.”

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Despite a strong start from Mark, he gave the team eight attempts to push back with incorrect answers, five of which were executed.

Over on Twitter, many fans were stunned to have witnessed what may be one of the Chaser’s worst attempts in some time.

Luke tweeted: “What a beating for the Beast. He wasn’t even close. Don’t see that very often. Well played, team.”

Jonsta joked: “The Beast had a really bad day at the office.”

While Anne Hewson criticised Mark’s performance, as she posted: “@MarkLabbett is so annoying when it looks like the team will race home to win.

“Just treats questions with contempt. Unfair to the winning team.”

Thankfully, Mark didn’t lose his temper this time as he managed to congratulate the team on their win without storming off the set.

After beating the Chaser, contestant Rebecca confirmed she’ll be buying some DJ decks to annoy her Macclesfield neighbours.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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