Married at First Sight's Successful Couples Get Candid About Their Ups and Downs After the Show

Saying "I do" within seconds of meeting someone sounds wild, but 10 seasons of singles have done so on Lifetime's hit show Married at First Sight.

While many of the couples quickly divorced following the show, nine fell in love and stayed happily together — and some have even grown families together.

In a new spin-off series called Married at First Sight: Couples' Cam (see a sneak peek below), fans will get a chance to catch up with the franchise's most beloved couples, who shared their highs and lows with PEOPLE exclusively before the show's premiere on Wednesday.

DOUG AND JAMIE (season one)

"The biggest challenge has definitely been growing our family. Losing our first born son, Johnathan, at 17 weeks was by far the hardest thing we have ever gone through. Mostly because we coped differently. I couldn’t get off the couch yet Doug was back to work the next day. We weren’t great at communicating how we were feeling so we just blew up at each other. After our beautiful daughter was born and we went to try to grow our family again, we assumed God would be easy on us since we already lost our first born son. But then it happened again, this time earlier in pregnancy. We suffered two losses back to back and then saw negative after negative on the pregnancy tests for 18 months," says Jamie, who welcomed son Hayes on May 13.

"The emotional turmoil that comes with this really takes a toll on marriage. Being intimate is no longer loving — it’s almost like a chore. Like, we must try every night I’m ovulating. We need to eat these foods, use this special lubrication, get in this position during sex and after … we put so many rules on our relationship to just get that positive test. I have to say it’s all worth it in the end, but it definitely put a huge strain on our marriage."

ASHLEY AND ANTHONY (season five)

"The hardest part would be melding our old single lives into our new married life with little knowledge about our partner previously. The speed of the process is intense, so we found that there were important conversations that were sometimes missed or just not thought of with how fast everything was moving. We’ve done pretty well as the months and eventually years moved on, but communication is still an issue for us just like any marriage, I would suspect. We still find new things out about each other that you would think 'Oh wait, you didn’t know that about them?!' It’s crazy the amount of things we found out about each other as we’ve grown throughout the years."


"We would say the biggest challenge when the cameras turned off was balancing the relationship without the experts and producers. We had a built in support system with them and suddenly we were left to our devices. Best part so far is watching the different layers of love peel back like parenthood, romance, communication and love for each other."

DANIELLE AND BOBBY (season eight)

"We honestly can’t think of any challenge posed to us outside of the cameras being there all the time. The best part of marriage is getting to hang out with your best friend through every stage in life. We are so lucky to live this life together!"

STEPH AND AJ (season eight)

"Since the cameras turned off, we’ve only gone uphill. Filming was very time-consuming which drained AJ and myself, trying to balance full-time filming with full-time working. Since the cameras turned off, we have more time to enjoy each other, enjoy traveling, and seeing friends. We’ve learned a lot more about each other and how to overcome any challenges that typically married couples face. We still have room to grow, but we feel a lot stronger now than we did a year ago! The best part of marriage is having that forever companionship, and knowing that when times are tough, you still have a partner by your side."

KRISTINE AND KEITH (season eight)

"The biggest challenge was adapting to each other’s style of living and sharing a car. It meant coordinating schedules for work, school, meals, quality time, friends and family visits, running errands, you name it. Basically all aspects of our lives. But with planning for our home renovation as our main focus, we just pushed through it. The best part of marriage so far has been having someone in your corner 100 percent. Having someone that you can talk to with confidence and without judgment. Having someone that will not just tell you what you want to hear, but what you actually need to hear. We push each other to be the best version of ourselves."

BETH AND JAMIE (season nine)

"We would say some of our biggest challenges since the cameras turned off was just finally learning how to communicate. We know we love each other, but sometimes that is our biggest challenge — especially since our relationship was so accelerated. The best part of being married is having someone to go on adventures with. It was awesome we both wanted to move across the country, and we had someone to do it with! We highly recommend road tripping with your best friend!"

GREG AND DEONNA (season nine)

"The biggest challenge would be getting used to the attention from viewers and this new norm of being in the public eye. Deonna and I are private people, but we're now in the spotlight so we had to adjust," says Greg.

Adds Deonna: " The best part of being married is having a partner in your life —  a confidant, somebody you can come home to (or stay at home with during this time), and someone who always has your back."


"The biggest challenge since our season of MAFS ended was learning to communicate without the cameras and questions and adjusting to a new normal. On the flip side, the best part of marriage so far is learning more about each other and adjusting to this married life together," says Jessica.

"The hardest part is to continue to talk about your emotions and feelings. The show forces you to talk about your feelings and be open. The best part of marriage is planning a future together even though this quarantine has gotten in the way!" adds Austin.

Couples’ Cam is set to premiere May 20 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

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