Neighbours David stars life – stunning wife, kids show host, and soap tribute

David Tanaka and Freya Wozniak are confronted by Gareth's ex-girlfriend Emma this week in Neighbours, following Gareth's death.

After the dramatic scenes at the River Bend, Emma refuses to believe that David and Freya could not save Gareth.

How will they react? And what will this mean for David and Freya? Viewers will have to wait and see.

Since joining the soap in 2016, David Tanaka has been involved in many of Neighbours' huge storylines, including the soap's first on-screen gay marriage in 2020.

Away from the soap, actor Takaya Honda has also led an interesting life, as well as paying a sweet tribute to the soap following its axe.

Iconic children's TV show role

Long before he joined Neighbours as fan-favourite David Tanaka in 2016, actor Takaya Honda appeared in the hit Australian TV series Girl's World, as well as Family Law.

It was not the only iconic children's TV show role that he had though, as away from acting, he was also a presenter on series including Play School and My Great Big Adventure.

He is also a talented theatre actor, and has been seen on stage in productions of Shakespeare plays including Romeo and Juliet and As You Like It.

Away from acting he is also an ambassador for the charity Dementia Australia.

Soap tribute

Neighbours fans were recently devastated when it was announced that the soap would be coming to an end later this year.

The announcement followed Channel 5's decision to drop the show from its schedule, with the station saying in a statement: "Neighbours will no longer air on Channel 5 beyond this summer. It’s been a much-loved part of our schedule for more than a decade, and we’d like to thank the cast, Fremantle and all of the production team for their fantastic work on this iconic series."

However, it has since been confirmed that another broadcaster has not been found for the soap, and that the series will come to an end this summer.

Following the news, Takaya took to social media to pay tribute to the iconic soap and its fans, saying in an Instagram post: "You are the reason I am still on @neighbours and you have been my motivation to continue telling David's story for as long as I have."

In 2020, he and fellow co-star Matty Wilson broke boundaries when they were involved in the first gay wedding to be broadcast on Australian television, following David's marriage to Aaron.

Takaya reflected on the impact that his character has had on the programme, saying in his emotional post: "Not everything on Neighbours is silly and the affect it has on people certainly isn't.

"I have, on multiple occasions, received messages from fans stating that the show and David's storylines have saved their lives, and they say this genuinely."

He added that Neighbours has "offered a place to escape for so many who have been under represented".

"I have been one half of, not only the first on screen gay wedding in Australian history but, I'm pretty sure, also one of the longest running on screen gay relationships too," David said.

"There are very few that span the length of time or episode count that @mattywilson and I have as #Daaron. I say this on top of being a POC too."

Stunning wife

Away from our TV screens, Takaya Honda lives with his stunning wife Amy Schwab, who he married in 2020 at Sundays in Byron Bay – a luxury accommodation venue with panoramic views of the coast.

However due to the pandemic, not all of their wedding guests could attend, including Takaya's mother.

Despite this, the actor made sure his mother was involved in the special day, by using her favourite colour – purple – at the wedding, including on the reception cupcake butterfly decorations.

The beautiful ceremony featured an emotional tribute from Takaya to his new wife, telling her in his reception speech: "Amy, you have never been a question, you have always been an answer, life never feels like an if, but a when, with you."

Amy also paid tribute to her husband during their wedding vows, saying: "For me, home is not a particular place, it is whenever I am with you.

"Getting married is brave, and I choose to be brave with you, Takaya, you make life so special and there's no-one else I want to be walking this path with.

"I have loved building a life with you so far and I look forward to all our exciting adventures and chapters to come as husband and wife."

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