Next James Bond odds: Tom Hardy OVERTAKES Richard Madden in race to replace Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig’s fifth and final James Bond movie No Time To Die hits cinemas this November. But after its release producers will begin their search for the next 007. There are a number of stars who are favourites with the bookies and most recently Tom Hardy has seen his odds cut.

According to Coral bookmakers, the Venom star’s odds have been slashed from 8-1 to 4-1.

This sees Hardy overtake both Jack Lowden and Richard Madden.

However, McMafia’s James Norton is still the big favourite on 2-1.

A Coral spokesman said: “Tom Hardy is a real mover in our next James Bond betting and, as a result, he has only James Norton ahead of him now for the role as 007.”


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They added: “Hardy ticks all the right boxes, and we think he has to be on the shortlist, at the very least, to replace Daniel Craig.”

Below are the best odds for the next James Bond right now

They include: “2-1 James Norton, 4-1 Tom Hardy, 5-1 Richard Madden, 6-1 Jack Lowden, 8-1 Tom Hiddleston, 8-1 Sam Heughan, 8-1 Michael Fassbender.”

Also: “10-1 Idris Elba, 10-1 Jamie Bell, 12-1 Aidan Turner, 12-1 Cillian Murphy, 12-1 Henry Cavill, 20-1 Henry Golding, 33-1 Tom Ellis, 100-1 Liam Gallagher.”

Earlier this year, James Bond expert and author of new book Quantum of Silliness: The Peculiar World of Bond, Robbie Sims argued: “Idris Elba would be great as Bond.

“I think he’s missed the boat unfortunately since he’s in his late forties now.

“So if they wanted him to do more than one film, there’s a danger he’s going to go into A View To Kill territory where he’s a lot older than his leading lady.”

Despite his doubts surrounding Elba’s chances, Sims reckons Hardy is still within a chance.

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The Bond expert added: “Tom Hardy would be alright.

“And if Christopher Nolan got his hands on it, he might want to cast him as they’ve worked together before.”

The 007 expert also brought up Superman star Henry Cavill, who lost out to Craig in the final round of auditions for Casino Royale.

Cavill was director Martin Campbell’s choice but was considered too young for the role being in his early twenties.

Sims said: “He’d be great, but it’s nice when they go for somebody who isn’t already an established star. I’m not sure you should have one actor playing two icons, it’s just too greedy. 

“You’ve got to get someone who’s at least young in the tooth, to begin with.

“It means you can look at the character and not have him tainted by other things.”

No Time To Die hits UK cinemas on November 12, 2020.

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