Not actually allowed’ The Apprentice star opens up on forbidden boardroom item

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After 10 gruelling weeks, only two candidates remain in The Apprentice. On Thursday’s instalment, Sir Alan Sugar’s business-hungry finalists were cross-examined by his associates, Claude Littner, Mike Soutar, Linda Plant and Claudine Collins during the interview stages. Following the latest firing, Brittany has revealed which item was banned from the boardroom. 

After being criticised for her business plan of protein-fueled alcoholic drinks, the avid gym-goer was one of two to get the chop.

In her exit interview, the young entrepreneur let fans in on a huge secret regarding a banned item that isn’t “actually allowed”.

She told the press: “You’re not actually allowed a clock in the process, so you never know the time, but it felt like each interview was about an hour.”

The TV personality, who got emotional during one interview, added: “It also felt like the lift up to the interview was about an hour as well – but that was only ten seconds! 

“Even walking to the interview – it’s a massive room, about an acre big with one desk in the middle – took me so long.”

Stephanie Affleck was the second candidate to be fired during last night’s brutal semi-final. 

Although she is no stranger to working under pressure, Stephanie, who owns her own online designer children’s wear store,  failed to impress Lord Sugar in the boardroom.

Hoping to encourage the sale of pre-loved designer items for children, the 74-year-old business mogul wasn’t keen on her business plan.

Despite winning a couple of tasks fronted by Brittany, it was her lack of experience that saw her pay the price.

Lord Sugar turned to the youngster and said: “Your business idea is muscle growth in a can.

“No experience in manufacturing, no experience in business generally and no experience in launching a product in a supermarket.”

Before her elimination, Lord Sugar went on to say: “Brittany, you’re a very clever girl. I can’t for the life of me work out why you’ve decided to go in this direction.

“One of the traits I’ve noticed with you is you still back your ideas even when they’re bad and I’m hoping that you rethink your idea.

“And it is with regret Brittany, that you’re fired,” he told the hotel manager. 

The bright-eyed marketing enthusiast, who had crumbled under the pressure and cried during her interview with Mike, expressed her regret after exiting the process.

She told BBC viewers: “I wish I hadn’t allowed myself to be so nervous.

“The person I was most nervous to show my business plan to was Claude as he wasn’t shadowing us at the time, so I knew he would be scrutinising the numbers and the data and because he is so close to Lord Sugar you just want to really give the best impression to him.

“I think walking into Claude’s, I was particularly nervous, but all of them are very very intense so you have to make sure you prepare for what’s ahead,” she told fans.

Kathryn Burn and Harpreet Kaur will be going head-to-head after they both made it to the final, which is set to air next week. 

The final of The Apprentice will air on Thursday, March 24, at 9pm on BBC One

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