Petition to remove racist segment from James Cordens show reaches 40,000

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James Corden has been under fire recently after a segment on his Late Late Show has received backlash for anti-Asian messaging.

After featuring a number of dishes from different cultures on the shows segment Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, a petition was started by Kim Saira criticising the segment, reaching over 40,000 signatures

The segment has featured dishes like the Filipino street food snack Balut and Chinese delicacy thousand year old eggs.

Kim Saira said: "I wasn't mad about it, but I was more so confused.

"I was just wondering why they used a food that was so sentimental to my culture."

On the show James and a celebrity guest must play a twist on the game of truth or dare where you either answer a personal question or eat a “disgusting” food.

While some of the dishes may have no obviously significance to any specific culture like hot dog juice and bug trifle, a number of the foods do come from certain cultural cuisines.

With the segment being primarily about shock value, as James and his celebrity guests often refer to the foods as “horrifying” and “disgusting” it brings to question the damage it could cause to public perception of different cultures.

Kim Saira continued: "If you don't like it, there's a way to be respectful about it.

“When a person who isn't involved in the culture whatsoever is adamantly profiting from it and showing it in a negative way, it's not right."

Saira’s petition is pushes for The Late Late Show to either cancel or modify the content to remove foods from other cultures while also asking for James Corden to apologise for the segment publicly and donate to Asian American organisations.

Speaking to The Howard Stern Show, James said of the segment: "The next time we do that bit, we absolutely won't involve or use any of those foods.

"Our show is a show about joy and light and love. We don't want to make a show to upset anybody."

While James has spoken up about the backlash to the segment, it’s a public on air apology that Saira is looking for from James.

She said: "In my petition, I have specifically asked for James Corden to publicly apologise on his show, and the reason why I was really specific about that was because I think that it is imperative for his hundreds of thousands of viewers to understand the harm that mocking these foods, rooted in Asian cultures, has on Asian people who still eat them."

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