RHONY's Sonja Morgan Insists 'I Was Never a Trophy Wife' During Drunken Night Out

All in all, Sonja appeared to be unfazed when she woke up the next morning. “Oh my goodness, what happened last night?” she asked. “I think I had a great night?!”

“I’m a wreck,” she later teased to her costars.

Medley also shrugged off her friend’s behavior, noting that Sonja had continued drinking after their trip to a winery earlier in the day.

“I came home and had a cup of coffee and went to sleep, she shouldn’t have kept drinking,” Medley said.

In fact, Medley said that Sonja appeared intoxicated at the winery — pointing to a sloppy speech Sonja made during a group conversation.

“You get to a point like Ramona where you say, ‘Where am I going now? How did I get here? All I do is work and f—ing pay bills and I just have one foot in the nursing home and I’m like, I didn’t sign up for this!” Sonja had said then. ” And then you die and you catch some dick on the way. I mean, the dick’s good … ”

“By the looks of it, Sonja’s been way over-served and we haven’t even gotten to the party!,” Medley noted then, stressing to Sonja before their trip to the party, “We’ve got a long night.”

“I may have a short night,” Sonja joked.

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