Robert De Niro Calls Out Slow Coronavirus Response, Says NY “Feels The Same” As After 9/11

New Yorker Robert De Niro is no stranger to conflict with politicians. He has repeatedly called out President Trump — sometimes is very explicit terms.

During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Friday, De Niro was blunt in his opinions, but circumspect when it came to naming names.

While De Niro praised New York governor Andrew Cuomo, he was less kind to what the called “the government.”

“I wish that people…the government had acted earlier,” said De Niro. “They had enough warning. Because we would not be at this stage of this pandemic, I think, if that had happened.”

When the New York-based actor was asked to compare the feeling in the city to that after 9/11 he said, “It feels the same, except this is…like something we see in a movie. It happened so fast.”

“It’s unreal to see every big city in the world,” De Niro continued, “just sort of empty. You only see that in a movie, and it’s happening to us.”

Despite the bleak scenes playing out in New York, De Niro had kind words for his state’s governor.

“Andrew Cuomo is doing a great job, though. It’s so refreshing to see him speak and take charge, no matter what happens…He took action.”

And what about everyone’s favorite Brooklyn-born doctor, Anthony Fauci?

“I think he’s great. He’s a New Yorker. Italian-American. I understand him without him having to say too much.”

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