Saturday Kitchen guest quips after Matt Tebbutt misgendering blunder

Saturday Kitchen: Matt suffers fail introducing guest chef

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Matt Tebbutt welcomed Stanley Tucci onto the latest edition of Saturday Kitchen along with guest chefs Emily Scott and Jeremy Lee, who was making his debut on the BBC cooking show. After Stanley introduced the two chefs, Matt mistakenly referred to Emily as looking like an “excited schoolboy” before correcting himself. 

Matt asked Emily what she would be cooking first and added: “How excited are you? You’ve got a schoolboy look.”

The studio erupted in laugher as he corrected himself: “Schoolgirl I meant.”

“I think we need to reset and start again,” drinks expert Olly Smith joked. 

Emily light-heartedly hit back: “I’m just going to talk to Stanley all day now.”

“You’re going to bypass me,” Matt commented. “Fair enough.”

“I’m very excited,” Emily replied. “Thank you Stanley. I’m very humbled that you chose me.”

More to follow…

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