Seven huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Pride episode with The Vivienne

EMMERDALE Pride welcomes RuPaul Drag Race UK season one champion The Vivienne next week. 

Here’s the lowdown on next week from the Dales…

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1. The Vivienne kicks off Emmerdale Pride

With Pride flags flying outside the hall, the villagers prepare for Emmerdale Pride celebrations.

Andrea tells Charles she’s booked an extra special guest. 

As the event kicks off, Charles’ son Ethan makes a big speech, talking about acceptance for all on behalf of Emmerdale Pride and the church. 

Ethan will then welcome Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK icon The Vivienne to the stage, with the star kicking off the soap’s first Pride in style.

2. Faith collapses

In scenes set to air next week, Chas accuses Faith of being drunk when she falls over. 

Faith secretly worries about her health, growing convinced something must be seriously wrong with her. 

Later, Eric notices something is up with Faith, but she refuses to open up to him. 

When she collapses, however, Eric realises she needs urgent medical attention. 

3. Faith confides in Eric

Manpreet arranges an urgent MRI for Faith, who tells Eric she's worried that her cancer may have returned. 

Meanwhile, Brenda tells David that she’s feeling neglected by Eric and decides to prepare a romantic surprise for him. 

The following day, Eric invites Faith to spend a night at the barn and Brenda is shocked to find her in her house wearing Eric’s bathrobe. 

Chas also stumbles across the scene and berates her mum for causing trouble yet again, leaving before Faith has a chance to explain. 

Faith begs Eric to keep her health scare under wraps, but he insists he can’t throw his relationship with Brenda away – and has to come clean about what’s going on.

4. Charles is caught with Andrea

Things will heat up between Andrea and Charles next week as they flirt in the salon.

Disaster strikes, however, as an unsuspecting Manpreet walks in.

How will she react?

The doctor recently admitted she was still in love with Charles, despite proposing to her husband Rishi. 

5. Aaron is rocked by a mystery call

Lovebirds Aaron and Ben are stopped in their tracks by an unwelcome phone call next week. 

Who’s on the other end and will it destroy their relationship?

Viewers know that Aaron recently discovered that his ex-husband Robert Sugden may have been wrongly convicted for murder.

Robert split up with Aaron after he was sent to prison for attacking and killing Victoria’s rapist Lee Posner, but Luke recently admitted he’d fought with Lee on the day of his death.

Could the call have something to do with Luke's recent revelation?

6. Meena frames Jacob 

Meena plots revenge against Jacob after he got in the way of her plans to move in with David. 

When she spots the Pride collection tin in the shop, she steals it and later makes it look like Jacob is responsible. 

Her plan backfires, however, when David cancels their dinner plans to deal with Jacob. 

When Meena gets wind of Leanna’s travel plans, she wonders if she can convince Jacob to go with her and starts plotting.

7. Shock affair for David and Vic?

Viewers know that David’s relationship with Meena is on the rocks following Jacob's return. 

Instead, David focuses his attention on Vic next week as they bond over their babies.

Could a romance be on the cards?

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