Sharon Stone Cries as She Remembers Her 'Adopted Grandmother' Who Died from Coronavirus

Sharon Stone had powerful words to share about losing her “adopted grandmother” to the coronavirus.

The actress, 62, shared a video of herself on Instagram Sunday in which she revealed the woman she considers a grandmother, Eileen Mitzman, was expected to die amid complications of coronavirus.

Fern Mallis, the creator of New York Fashion Week, has since confirmed Mitzman’s death, writing on Instagram that she was “heartbroken” to share the news.

“Hi, I want to talk to you about someone very special to me who became my adopted grandmother, her name is Eileen Mitzman,” Stone began in the emotional video. “I met her a long time ago when I was beginning to work as an AIDS activist so many years ago, I met she and her husband, Neil, in New York at an event.”

Stone said Eileen and Neil served as two heads of the Concerned Parents for AIDS Research after losing a daughter, Marni, to the disease in 1991. The actress also revealed the couple had lost their other daughter, Stacey, in a car accident coming home from prom in 1982.

“They had a beautiful long life together until he passed away a couple of years ago,” Stone said. “I asked them if they could be my adopted grandparents since mine had passed away. They became my adopted grandparents and my fellow HIV/AIDS workers and we worked very hard together to do a lot of good in this world.”

“Tonight she is going to die in a New York hospital,” she continued, crying. “She has coronavirus but she will die because she’s septic and she has other illnesses and none of us can go there and be with her.”

Despite the grief of losing someone close to her, Stone said Eileen would “die a warrior.”

“I think we should grieve like warriors now because holding grief will only make us sick and affect our lungs and our respiratory systems in a way we should not allow that to do,” she continued. “So tonight I want you to go out your window and I want you to scream and I want you to fight back and cry and scream out against this thing for Eileen. I don’t want her to die alone. I want her to hear you rage on against the dying of the light.”

“I want her to hear you scream for her because she was furious about what is happening, she was furious about the way this was being handled. She was furious,” Stone said. “And I want her to know that you respect her life and that you respect her death.”

She added, “And I want you to know that I respect those of you who have lost your loved ones and couldn’t be there with them. I respect the deaths that are happening at this time. I do not take them lightly and I do not think they were deserved.”

As of Monday, there are over 784,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus around the U.S. Over 71,000 of those cases have recovered while there are over 41,000 deaths, according to World Meter.

Around the world, there are 2.4 million confirmed cases of the disease, with over 169,000 deaths and more than 644,000 recovered cases.

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