Teen Mom Jenelle Evans accused of saying N-word in TikTok video- but ex-reality star insists she 'didn’t’

TEEN Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans has been accused of using the N-word in a recent TikTok video.

Jenelle, 28, was forced to defend herself from critics who called her out for allegedly using the N-word during one of her dance-focused videos.

It all kicked off after the former Teen Mom 2 star shared the clip which included her showing off her booty in a white and orange bikini while mouthing the words to Saweetie's Tap in.

But some fans claimed Jenelle, 28, also mouthed the N-word that is dropped in the song, which led her to respond.

One person said: "UMMMM did she really just mouth that?"

Jenelle responded: "I didn't."

However one viewer defended her and said, "I put it on slow mode. She definitely did NOT say it."

Jenelle again responded with: "I wouldn't have uploaded if I did."

While Jenelle denied it and some users supported her, other commenters continued to call her out, with one person saying, "how is she not canceled yet?"

Another added, "She said the N word."

Jenelle is no stranger to controversy, especially lately as people recently came after her for not wearing a mask inside of a Walmart, and for taunting a woman who did.

It occurred when Jenelle shared a video titled Quarantine Hair-Dye, which included her talking with her husband David Eason, 32, in their car in the Walmart parking lot with their kids sitting in the back.

The married couple begin to then mock a woman as David said: "This lady is just standing in the middle of the freaking road."

Jenelle laughed and said: "She's gotta put her mask on first."

David added: " Before she crosses the street," before Jenelle says, "She can't get too close to people!"

Jenelle, who shares daughter Ensley with David, son Kaiser with her ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffin, and her eldest son Jace from a previous relationship, also recently shot back at a troll who claimed her youngest child has a speech issue.

She wrote on Instagram: "Whoever made up the BS rumor my daughter has speech problems, you have no f***ing idea how my daughter speaks.

"We haven't even been on TV for more than a year so when did you hear her talk?"

She added: "She speaks perfectly fine and her vocabulary is better than Kaiser's. STOP SPREADING FALSE INFORMATION."

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