Teen Mom Jenelle Evans admits she 'did drugs on TV' BUT 'fixed the problem & became a better person unlike Ryan Edwards'

JENELLE Evans has continued the feud with ex co-stars Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards as she admitted to "doing drugs" while on MTV but claimed to "fix the problem" unlike Maci's ex.

The Teen Mom 2 star previously ripped the couple as she backed the network's decision to ax them due to Ryan's decade-long struggle with substance abuse.

Jenelle, 29, took to her Instagram stories after fans deemed her "hypocritical" for slamming Ryan's drug abuse issue.

"I have some of you messaging me saying, you have no room to talk, you were on drugs on TV," she began.

"The difference between me and someone else is that I admitted it, I told everyone I was on drugs, I acknowledged the problem, and I fixed it to become a better person," she added, as she insinuated towards her beef with Ryan Edwards.

"Are they acknowledging the problem? No. Are they suggesting maybe that he should go to rehab? I probably don't think so.

"It sickens me when there's [sic] outsiders that are 'support system' they don't call them out on their bullshit," she explained, referencing Ryan's wife Mackenzie.

"Looking back on everything, me being on drugs and on TV, I don't approve of that. It was too explicit for a young audience to watch," the reality star closed.

Jenelle has been in a social media battle with Ryan and Mackenzie since she applauded their release from MTV.

The TV personality told The Sun exclusively that she thinks the network made the right call on firing the couple.

“I don't think it's healthy for teens to be watching other people on drugs, especially young teens who are watching Teen Mom," she claimed.

“You can tell he is in and out of drugs a lot, no matter what Mackenzie says, and I just think it doesn't need to be aired.” 

Mackenzie, 24, was quick to clap back at her ex co-star, as she told The Ashley: "Doesn’t she have a dog to go rescue, or a podcast to be fired from, or a bad TikTok dance to re-create?”

The beef continued last night when Jenelle hopped on her stories to air an old conversation between her and Ryan's wife, as she claimed Mackenzie regularly "messages" her.

"You talk a lot of s**t about me but then you follow me and you keep messaging me.

"I was super nice to you, gave you some promotional offers. You even asked me to take down a clickbait recently and guess what, I stopped clickbait for everyone.

"So you should be grateful that the only thing I said was that maybe your husband shouldn't be on drugs and that shouldn't be aired on TV for young people to see," she scathed.

Ryan has an extensive history with drug abuse, and fan suspicions ran hot that he was high in the most recent season.

The father of two's legal trouble began in 2017 when he was issued a citation for simple possession of heroin. 

The TV star was caught slurring his words and nodding off to sleep on his way to get married to Mackenzie, and has had several stints in rehab over the last few years.

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