The Walking Dead fans ecstatic as Judith star reunites with Grimes family Miss you!

The Walking Dead: Trailer for part 2 of the final season

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Judith Grimes (played by Cailey Fleming) is the only member of the Grimes family who is still a regular part of The Walking Dead following Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) sudden disappearance in season nine. The actress has finally had the chance to catch up with her dead relatives as the AMC zombie drama continues its 11th and final season.

Cailey met up with former The Walking Dead stars Chandler Riggs and Sarah Wayne Callies at this year’s Fandemic Convention.

Sarah was best known as Rick’s wife Lori Grimes, who was tragically killed off during the show’s third season.

More recently, Chandler ended his run on the show when Rick and Lori’s son Carl took his own life to avoid become zombified.

As several actors have portrayed the youngest Grimes over the years, the show’s current Judith has never had the chance to work with her on-screen mother and brother.

Thankfully, fans now know the stars have at least managed to meet behind-the-scenes, even if it’s no longer a possibility for the series.

Sarah posted a smiley selfie of herself with Cailey and Chandler in her latest Instagram and Twitter updates.

In the caption, she wrote “The kids are all right”, adding a love heart emoji and tagging Chandler.

Fans of The Walking Dead were thrilled to see the family reunion, and several emotional reactions were posted in the comments.

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Twitter user Michelle Jupp replied: “Love this Grimes family photo. They did a great job casting Cailey as Judith, you guys really look like you could be related.

“Both a mama and her kids looking alike and Cailey and Chandler looking like they could be siblings. Wish we could’ve had this in the show.”

Amanda Guthrie added: “You should have both made it to the end with Judith. Miss y’all in that show. Best characters ever. Well, best TV family ever!”

“Really loved you as Lori on Walking Dead, you were and still are amazing!” @kayla.jaaliyahfp wrote on Instagram.

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“Really wish we saw you with Carl and Judith when they were older.”

@antocor99 replied: “Ahhh the Grimes family is back together. I’d give everything for Judith to meet Lori, she has barely been mentioned to her, ugh.”

Finally, user wehaveafuture exclaimed on Twitter: “AHH!!!! I was waiting and hoping for this!

“Lori would be so proud of everything Carl accomplished before passing and how strong her baby girl Jude is. I love this so much!”

Although Lori was killed off in season three, she has made brief appearances in flashbacks, and her voice was heard during Rick’s departure in season nine.

As the show’s former lead is set to appear in his own trilogy of films, there could be another chance for Rick and Lori to eventually reunite in more flashbacks on the big screen.

Meanwhile, Judith is continuing to prove herself as a tough and resourceful survivor despite her young age in the last chapter of the main series.

The Walking Dead is available on AMC in the US and is available on STAR on Disney+ in the UK.

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