This 'Blue Bloods' Actor Improvised in the First Family Dinner Scene

The actors of Blue Bloods mostly stick to a script, but there is one actor who likes to add to his lines. The first family dinner scene was tense, but he still took the chance to improvise and Tom Selleck, who plays Frank Reagan, had a sweet reaction to it.

Danny had a big moment at dinner in the pilot of ‘Blue Bloods’

The pilot showed Danny getting the case of a missing nine year old. He butts heads with Erin (Bridget Moynahan) because of how he handles it. The perp’s defense claims Danny used excessive force so any evidence can’t be used against him. Erin gets angry that the man might walk so she has it out with her brother.

This argument continues at the family table. Most of the other family members take Danny’s side because it was an intense situation. Erin still believes there is a right way and a wrong way to get justice.

Donnie Wahlberg improvised in the first dinner scene

The actor talked about the filming of that first dinner. He was nervous given Danny had to be very emotional.

“The first one will always stand out to me the most,” Wahlberg told TV Insider. “It was so intimidating. My character basically had to run roughshod over the table and to sit down with that cast and with Tom Selleck at the head of the table.”

He still took the chance to improvise in the scene. “When I did and improved a few lines and became loud and boisterous at the table, I didn’t know how Tom Selleck would react, but he gave me the biggest smile and pat on the back after and said that’s what’s going to make this show magic,” Wahlberg said.

The actor has made it known that he adds lines to his scenes. But many of them are connected to his other career.

He has made New Kids on the Block references in the show

Wahlberg started off by being in the music group New Kids on the Block. He has made some references to the group’s songs in the show.

“The first season I snuck a New Kids On The Block [song] title in every episode,” he told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “So I would tell, like Bridget [Moynahan]’s character, ‘Hey, hang tough’ and ‘Call It What You Want,’ ‘Step by Step.’”

He continued, “I was speaking in song titles pretty much every episode and nobody was really catching it because of the way I did it. But my music fans and the [NKOTB] fans definitely were catching it. And every week they would hashtag whatever the song title was. It would usually end up trending on Twitter. I love it.”

The show has since also had music guest stars since then. It looks like Wahlberg has continued his practice of improvising and it all started in the pilot.

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