Tom Cruise could be cause of Mission Impossible 7 Covid delay film workers speculate

HE had vowed to sack anyone who caused further delays to Mission Impossible 7.

But after work on the production was stopped AGAIN because of a positive test, some people have pointed their fingers at leading man Tom Cruise himself.

An insider said: “Filming on Mission Impossible 7 is on hold again because of coronavirus. And this time, those working on the production have said they think Tom could be the possible cause of the postponement.

“Everyone on the set was told that filming was being stopped again because of a positive test. And since then, Tom hasn’t been on set once.

“Now people are speculating that he could have come into contact with the person who tested positive. And in some cases, people are even gossiping and saying it could be him.

“Obviously there is no proof of that but it’s not stopped people ­gossiping about it. It’s now become a joke on set, with people saying how ironic it would be if Tom was the reason they had to press pause again.”

In December, The Sun released an audio re­cord­ing of Tom, who plays spy Ethan Hunt in the franchise, giving workers at the set in Leavesden, Herts, the hairdryer treatment over Covid.

In an impassioned speech Tom pleaded with those on the production to stick within the rules to avoid further hold-ups. Despite his appeal, the latest instalment of the blockbuster has been hit by endless delays — leaving Tom ripping his hair out over getting the film finished.

And things got even more tense when it was revealed on June 9 how he had just 21 days to get the movie in the can.

Forget Covid, Tom probably just needed to have a lie down in a darkened room for a week And who could blame him? Making this film sounds like hell on earth.


LOTTIE Moss hit the nail on the head with the caption for her latest Instagram snap.

The rising star, sister of supermodel Kate, wrote alongside the photograph: “Itsy bitsy bikini.”

And she certainly wasn’t telling porkies as the pink, Gingham two-piece didn’t seem to fit too well on top.

Lottie, who is currently soaking up the sun on the Greek island of Mykonos, revealed last week how Spurs ace Dele Alli had weaved his way into her DMs three times.

It’s not hard to see why he kept trying so hard.

Abbey’s Learning Curve

AITCH is lining up Peter Crouch's wife Abbey Clancyto star in one of his future music videos after she had to pull out of the one for his new single Learning Curve.

A source said: “A scheduling clash meant Abbey couldn’t make the dates for Learning Curve. Aitch has promised to line up another shoot as soon as he can.”


ED Sheeran’s new song Bad Habits means a lot more to him than I thought. The singer says he kicked some of his when wife Cherry Seaborn was expecting their daughter Lyra.

He said: “I was a bit of a wreck head in my twenties. I had a lot of bad habits which I gave up a few months before my daughter was born. You just have different responsibilities.

“No, it was not hard (to kick them). It was before then. Any time I tried to stop before then, it was impossible but you know in my head I was like, ‘Right, my wife is six months’ pregnant.

"If she goes into labour any time from now, do I want someone else to drive her to hospital?’ And the answer was, ‘F*** no’. So I was like, ‘Right I am done,’ and I have not looked back.”

In a new chat on the Alejandro Marin podcast, he says he is now a bit of a bore and only drinks water. Speaking about his upcoming album, he added: “I kind of battled with addiction for the large part of my twenties and I never wanted to be the guy that had a problem, but I kind of knew that I did. I never had an excuse to properly stop.

“That is why it is like a coming-of-age album because I had no responsibilities or cares in the world from the age of 20 to 29 and now here I am being a responsible adult drinking water.” I hope he’s still fun on a night out.


HER fans may think she has a terrible diet but Saweetie looks like she’s eating the right things judging by her latest shoot.

The rapper posed topless with a blue bucket hat, skirt and handbag for the latest edition of Wonderland magazine, and was asked what the biggest misconception about her is.

She told the publication, available now at “I’m always eating crazy food.

"Every time I log on to Twitter or Instagram, someone’s always tagging me in crazy concoctions and I’m like, ‘Y’all I do not be eating that crazy.’ The biggest misconception is that my diet is just horrible.”

Saweetie was speaking to Paris Hilton ahead of the release of her upcoming album, Pretty Bitch Music.

She added: “I would love it to debut at No1, just so I feel like some respect is put on my name because I’ve been working so hard.”

  • Photographer: THOM KERR/WONDERLAND

LGBTQ+ cuties

OLLY Alexander made sure his hour-long stint hosting a YouTube Pride 2021 party went off with a bang last night.

The Years & Years star, who co-hosted with Sex Education actor Mawaan Rizwan, performed a surprise duet with MNEK at the bash, which was held at an East London pub. Fans who tuned into the event were also treated to songs by Bimini.

The show was part of the Pride Month celebrations created by YouTube Originals. For the live streams which were watched worldwide, they partnered in the UK with akt, a LGBTQ+ homelessness charity.

Olly said ahead of the event: “I’m very excited to be co-hosting my own variety show with some super-talented LGBTQ+ cuties.” Mawaan added: “I’m really looking forward to a party this year after everything that’s happened.”

  • Catch up on YouTube Pride 2021 on the YouTube Originals channel.


GORGON City have slammed Boris Johnson for letting down the dance and live music scene over Covid.

The electronic duo from North London reckon the Prime Minister did not consider the impact on festivals and concerts after he postponed the date of Freedom Day last week.

In an exclusive chat, Kye Gibbon said: “One of the big problems for the entertainment and nightlife industry is Boris waiting until the last minute to suddenly go back on his word.

“Clubs and festivals had already invested money in events and reopening, expecting June 21 to happen, and it’s disrespectful for him to turn it around at the last minute.”

But the lads are feeling positive after the release yesterday of their third album, Olympia, and an upcoming US and UK tour.

Matt Robson-Scott said: “We’ve been working on this album for nearly two years now. It’s a great feeling.

“It’s mad to think we were touring a lot, going to shows and writing stuff on the road and together in America and London and suddenly we went into lockdown. Kye was in Chicago, I was in London and we managed to finish it pretty quickly.

“We just can’t wait to get back out there and tour the album.”

And I too can’t wait to get back to gigs.


  1. Good 4 U – OLIVIA      RODRIGO
  2. Holiday – KSI
  3. Save Your Tears –   THE WEEKND
  4. Kiss Me More –  DOJA CAT ft SZA
  5. Heartbreak Anthem   – GALANTIS, DAVID  GUETTA & LITTLE MIX
  6. I Wanna Be Your        Slave – MANESKIN
  7. Oliver Twist –   ARRDEE
  8. Good Without –  MIMI WEBB
  9. Traitor – OLIVIA        RODRIGO
  10. Beggin – MANESKIN
  • OLIVIA RODRIGO reclaims the double and is back to No1 in the Singles and Albums chart. Her debut record Sour is at the top for a third week, while Good 4 U is in its fifth week. British star KSI landed the highest new entry with Holiday.


  1. Sour – OLIVIA      RODRIGO
  2. Back The Way We   Came: Vol 1 – NOEL GALLAGHER’S   HIGH FLYING BIRDS
  3. Carnage – NICK CAVE
  4. One Foot In Front Of The Other – GRIFF
  5. Future Nostalgia –  DUA LIPA
  6. Inside (The Songs)   – BO BURNHAM
  7. Hall Of Fame –     POLO G
  8. Life By Misadventure     – RAG’N’BONE MAN
  9. The Highlights — THE WEEKND
  10. Consequences – JOAN ARMATRADING
  • NICK CAVE is new in at No3 with Carnage, while GRIFF’s record One Foot In Front Of The Other is one behind. JOAN ARMATRADING’s album Consequences also goes straight in at No10.

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