Vicar of Dibley episode will miss late stars Emma Chambers, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Liz Smith and John Bluthal during Big Night In special

Fans are looking forward to welcoming back Dawn French as Geraldine Granger in a one-off special episode for The Big Night In on Thursday. While we don’t know whether the special will just focus on the vicar herself as she lives in lockdown, or will feature other members of the cast, there will be some stars of the show who will very sadly be missed. 

Emma Chambers sadly passed away in 2018

Emma Chambers, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Liz Smith and John Bluthal, who played Alice, Owen, Letitia and Frank respectively in the sitcom, have all sadly passed away since the show concluded in 1998. Fans have taken to Twitter to discuss an episode without the brilliant actors, with one writing: “I can’t see the return of the Vicar of Dibley being any good without Owen and Alice,” while another added: “Love Vicar of Dibley soooo much, just sad that lady who plays Alice isn’t around anymore.” 

WATCH: Dawn French as Geraldine Granger during lockdown

Dawn announced that the show would be back on Twitter, writing: “Hmmm. Somethin interestin this way comes…” She later added: “I’m back in the dog collar, back in the vicarage, and back on your telly as part of The Big Night In. Be there, or go to hell. Literally. I have some sway.” She has also starred in a short sneak peek, where she says: “I had the first meeting of the Dibley parish council conducted by an app called Zoom. It was the best parish council meeting I’ve ever had, largely because none of the other councillors know how to get on to Zoom.”

The Big Night In will see Dawn’s former husband Lenny Henry host the show alongside Zoe Ball, Paddy McGuinness, Matt Baker and Davina McCall. The one-off show will also welcome back Little Britain, with David Walliams and Matt Lucas performing a brand new sketch.

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