Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? player misses jackpot after refusing to guess

A Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? contestant missed out on winning the big jackpot tonight – but even worse, he actually would have won on his guess.

Host Jeremy Clarkson had to deliver the frustrating news that retired doctor Andrew Townsley would have won the coveted £1 million prize if he took a gamble on what he thought was the answer. 

It meant Andrew would have become the first person to win the jackpot for the first time in 14 years. 

He was posed with the question: ‘In the history of motor sport which of these iconic races was held first?’ 

The options were: A. Le Mans 24 Hours B. Indy 500 C. Monaco Grand Prix D. Island of Man TT. 

Visibly under pressure, Andrew admitted: ‘I don’t know the answer it’s just too much to lose.’ 

He chose to phone his friend Elsa and didn’t want to tell her what was at stake, but she was just as none the wiser as he was. She chose not to guess so the decision fell back onto Andrew.

Rather than gamble all his hard work away, Andrew chose to leave with his safety net of £500,000 instead. 

‘After getting so far, to go on a whim would just be foolish,’ he explained. ‘I’m going to say I will take the money, final answer.’ 

It was then time for the moment of truth when Jeremy asked which answer he would have gone for, to which Andrew revealed: ‘I would have chosen the TT.’ 

A look of disappointment fell upon Jeremy’s face as he said: ‘There would have been tinsel falling down on your head,’ as that was actually the right answer. 

And the nation cried with him. 

Still, £500,000 is by no means a bad sum to win and Andrew was looking forward to a holiday in Niagara Falls. 

Civil Servant Ingram Wilcox was the most recent player to leave the studio with a cheque for £1million in 2006, with Pat Gibson (2004), David Edwards (2001 Robert Brydges (2001), and Judith Keppel (2000) all bagging the top prize before him. 

And then there’s Charles Ingram, of course, who was accused of cheating to win the seven-figure lump sum in 2001. 

However, the former British Army major’s coughing scandal was recently brought back to the limelight in ITV’s Quiz, casting doubt over Charles and his wife Diana Ingram’s guilt.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is available to watch on ITV player. 

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