Bank is 'robbed' by a monkey in India

Bank is ‘robbed’ by a monkey: Staff discover ATM ripped out from the wall … but CCTV shows Indian premises were targeted by curious animal

  • State Bank of India ATM located close to presidential palace hit by a ‘thief’  
  • Police were called after the front of the machine was pulled open Wednesday 
  • Officers reviewed CCTV and found the robber was actually a curious monkey 

Police in India’s capital rushed to the scene of a suspected bank robbery near the country’s presidential palace – only to discover it was a bit of monkey business.  

Officers in New Delhi were called to a State Bank of India ATM that is a ten-minute walk from the palace on Wednesday after the front of the machine was pulled off.

Suspecting an attempted robbery, the cops reviewed CCTV footage – only to discover that the culprit was actually a curious primate.  

Police called to the scene of a suspected ATM robbery near India’s presidential palace in New Delhi discovered the machine had actually been attacked by a monkey (left)

Video shows the monkey – believed to be a Rhesus Macaque, which are native to the city – climbing up the front of the machine and tugging at the top of it.

The machine then falls open, before the inquisitive animal jumps up and begins to explore its inner workings.

The monkey can be seen pulling off a piece of plastic and sniffing at it, before bouncing up and down several times on the opened lid.

After getting bored it drops down to the floor and wanders away.

It is not clear how the monkey managed to get to the ATM – which is behind a glass door with a handle – or how it escaped again afterwards. 

CCTV revealed how the primate scaled the machine and then pulled the front covering away from the wall, before investigating its inner workings

After finding no food inside, the monkey soon got bored and wandered away – leaving bank staff to discover its handiwork later

A source said: ‘A banker who arrived at the kiosk found it broken and raised an alarm suspecting it to be a case of robbery.

‘The CCTV footage was examined later which unearthed the mischief of the primate.’

There are thought to be between 4,000 and 5,000 Rhesus Macaques living in New Delhi, where they have a reputation for causing chaos.

The monkeys are frequently spotted stealing food, snapping power lines, and have even been involved in attacks on passersby. 

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