Crackdown launched at Britain’s most sexist police station where cops had sex on duty and worked as escorts.

A CRACKDOWN has been launched at Britain’s most sexist police station.

The Hastings base has seen a string of disciplinary hearings amid accusations of a “lad culture” — with officers romping on duty, swapping porn pictures and working as escorts.

The latest case of inappropriate behaviour has prompted Sussex Police to act. WhatsApp and Facebook groups, allegedly used to exchange explicit sex messages, have been shut down. There has also been a ban on rowdy behaviour and banter.

Chief Superintendent Tanya Jones said: “Maintaining professional standards is non-negotiable.

“Employees of Sussex Police are expected to act with integrity and ensure disciplines are always met.”

The latest scandal saw PC Steve Lodge, 39, allegedly grope female colleagues in a strip club, though he was cleared at Chichester crown court of sex assault and voyeurism.

His trial last month heard claims he put his hand up a female officer’s skirt, tried to kiss another and lifted the skirt of a third.

The court was told there was a culture of boozing, banter, wind-ups and flirting at the station.

PC Lodge will still face an internal disciplinary procedure.

His case comes after former DC Damien Cotgreave, 45, skipped work to visit a woman for an intimate back massage. The married officer also sent porn selfies while on duty.

Sergeant Rob Adams, 37, from the same nick, was handed a final written warning last December for sticking a photo of a female officer on to an image of a naked model.

In the same month, DS Paul Elrick  received a final written warning for pinging a ruler across the bottom of a female colleague.

PC Daniel Moss was sacked in 2016 after advertising himself as a male prostitute while Inspector Lee Lyons was kicked out in 2015 after contacting prostitutes for sex.

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