Firms are redesigning packaging so products fit through letterboxes

Now you will never miss a delivery again: How firms are redesigning product packaging so wine, fresh flowers and even boxes of dishwasher tablets can be posted through the LETTERBOX

  • Retailers are flattening their boxes to send wine, flowers and laundry tablets
  • Garcon Wines have even flattened their wine bottle to make it easier to send 
  • Lockdown has seen one-in-five families placing online orders to avoid shops
  • Learn more about how to help people impacted by COVID

Online retailers have developed crafty ways of delivering their products through your front door. 

The coronavirus pandemic has seen an increase in home delivery orders with one-in-five families now ordering their shopping online according to market research company Nielsen.

With the Government advising as little human contact as possible some firms have adapted their packaging so that products like flowers and bottles of wine fit through letterboxes.

Garçon Wines, who have offices in France, London and America, have created the world’s first ‘flat’ wine bottle that’s perfect for posting through a letterbox.

The novel idea was created by chief executive Santiago Navarro and his co-founder Joe Ravell as a way of improving consumer convenience and cutting costs of failed deliveries.

Garcon Wines, who have offices in France, England and America, created the world’s first flat wine bottle made of eco-friendly plastic which fits through people’s letterboxes

The revolutionary flat wine bottles are taller and deeper so that they contain the same amount of wine as a normal bottle

Navarro said: ‘We invented a flat wine bottle that would fit through most UK letterboxes and was lightweight, strong and eco-friendly

‘Today we have a very different situation, where letterbox wine is in higher demand than ever.

‘An invention created for convenience and sustainability has turned into a product wanted during this pandemic for continuity and safety.’

The bottles are made from an eco-friendly plastic so that they don’t shatter when posted.

Garçon Wines have also made the bottles 2cm taller and 4cm deeper to ensure that their flat bottles contain the normal amount of wine.

Fudge company Stirrd deliver orders of fudge through people’s front doors in flat cardboard packaging

The Harrogate-based fudge company send out deliveries on a subscription or a box-by-box basis

Their inventive product is stocked by wine brands and gift websites such as Moonpig, Inspiring Wines and Funk Pigeon. 

There are other companies who send their products in letterbox-friendly packaging too.

Harrogate-based fudge company Stirrd send small orders of handmade fudge to customers on a subscription basis or by the box.

Each letterbox-friendly box contains a gourmet fudge, a flavour of the month and a Stirrd treat such as milk chocolate covered in butterscotch.

On their website Stirrd say: ‘We love to play. Stirring in a bit of this and that to find out what really works. We take inspiration from the latest trends and mix them with some traditional favourites to keep our boxes fresh and exciting. You won’t find flavours like this in the shops!’

Gift website Bloom & Wild deliver bunches of flowers in a slim box so that they can be posted through front doors

The flowers are picked as buds so that they are easier to post and are carefully wrapped to protect them on their journey

Bloom & Wild have also developed a novel way of delivering flowers through people’s letterboxes. They use the Royal Mail’s Tracked service which lets customers know exactly where their orders are until they pass through their front door.

Their flowers are picked as buds and wrapped before being shipped in letter-box shaped boxes.

Laundry company smol ship their plastic-free eco-friendly laundry capsules in thin boxes that fit perfectly through your front door.

Speaking on the lockdown, smol said: ‘We have seen interest in our products triple since the pandemic and we are planning two further new products in the summer.’

Laundry comapny smol also utilise thin boxes for their products. Their laundry tablets are eco-friendly and 100 per cent plastic free

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