Formula for the perfect chip butty revealed – and it might surprise you

SCIENTISTS have created a formula for the perfect chip butty.

It shows skimping on the fries is a common blunder.

Experts tested portion sizes, temperatures and timings and researched people’s eating habits.

The key is the optimum ratio of chips to bread — represented by the equation C ≥ 3B/4 + K + 3M.

C is the weight of chips, B the weight of bread, K ketchup amount and M the mass of butter.

Perfection is 12 thick-cut chips weighing 60g, two 40g medium slices of buttered white bread plus ketchup.

Nottingham Trent University’s Dr James Hind carried out the research for food retailer Iceland.

He said if the ratio was wrong there would too few chips to melt the butter and soften the bread for a tasty contrast to the crispy chips.

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Too many chips and you will not taste any bread and butter.

Dr Hind said: “It’s most important to have the weight of chips at least three quarters of the weight of the bread plus ketchup.

“Breads and chips do vary subtly so try creating your own perfect formula.”

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